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Topcaddy 36 Hole (22ah)Lithium Battery Package



Lightweight & small these long life lithium batteries are a perfect alternative to all lead-acid units, fitting any electric trolley. This battery will replace all lead-acid batteries on any leading golf trolley using the safest Lithium technology available on the market. At an affordable price. A 36 Hole lithium Package.

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Choose your Trolley Brand so we enclose the correct Lithium Connector,and if usb port is not required as we have both options in stock.

Top Caddy Powerbank

Add our new Top Caddy C+ Quick charge Powerbank to charge all your phones/lap tops/batteries etc, at least 10 re charges on this specification

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“Many thanks for the charger for my golf trolley. Spoke to Len Friday afternoon arrived Saturday morning. Only thing i can say is TC means Top Caddy and Top Company.”

Mr. Frank Wheatcroft. Worcester.

Full description & Specs


Special offer…Stock Clearance….offer extended until  June 1st

Customers please be aware due to ‘Brexit’ and the chronic shortage of container ships availability in china due to the pandemic,and the russia/ukraine war,all ‘distributors shipping costs have gone up 1000 percent in 2021/2022 so ALL our batteries&Trolleys WILL have to go up in price sometime this year,we currently have NOT increased our prices currently, but will do going forward…….

This is possibly the best upgrade to any existing electric trolley and you may never have to buy a battery again as it will last 10 x longer than a standard lead-acid or Gel battery and is the top grade LifePo4 grade Lithium.



12V – 22Ah 36 Hole milage with USB
►5 Year FULL warranty (battery only)..1 year charger
BMS (Battery Management System) built in as standard for safest lithium available
Capable of providing over 2,000 rounds of golf.
Intelligent Lithium charger included.taking only around 4.5 Hours for full charge(4 amp)
Easy carry neoprene bag.
Suitable for 36 holes


Battery Specification
Construction: LiFePo4
Voltage: 12V (nominal)
Capacity: 22Ah with 2000 charge cycles(usages)
Size: 168mm x 128mm x 126mm
Weight: 2.8Kg



Most Trolleys have red/black leads as standard on their trolley inc Motocaddy who with their ‘later’ models have blue/black torberry connectors. We would just like to mention that blue/black and powakaddy’s yellow/black torberry’s are exactly the same as the industry standard red/black as red goes to blue or yellow and black to black when fitted.(these 2 companies changed there colour torberry leads connections to ‘trick’ customers that ‘may think’ they can only buy from them), Which is NOT the case.(Stewart Golf also do this)

OLDER TROLLEYS; Please be aware that certain older well used electric trolleys ‘can’ in certain circumstances take out too many ‘amps’ that ‘can’ drag down any battery let alone a Lithium battery.We would like to make customers aware of this fact as at the very least the bigger milage battery will always give protection for any older well used machine that does do this.There is a issue also worth mentioning that Motocaddy have a issue with there ‘M Series’ trolley range that ‘some’ of there motors on some of these trolleys from day one of launch that do ‘drag down’ any battery(takes out too much juice from the battery)….(motocaddy have recently bought in extra 4,000 motors for this reason)The reason we are highlighting this is to possibly avoid any ‘difficult’ conversations with customers in the future as Lithium batteries outlast so many trolleys due to there virtual 100% reliability the occasional issue has in our industry started to happen so we feel its only right to highlight this possible long term issue.


Buying a new trolley is a significant investment. They start at around £300 and can be much more. One of the main influencing factors is your choice of battery. Do you go for an 18- or 36-hole option and should it be lead-acid, as is traditional, or lithium, which is much more expensive.

But the more you look at it, the more reasons there are to increase your initial outlay. Lithium batteries are:

  More reliable and last five times longer
 Much lighter (2.8kg against 7kg for a lead-acid one)
 Half the size
More environmentally friendly

Longevity is the main advantage and thus greater value for money. While lead-acid batteries usually last between 12 and 18 months, our lithium products have a five-year FULL warranty. Lead-acid batteries often deteriorate rapidly and are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations, especially during the winter. It’s realistic to estimate that a lead-acid battery may only deliver one season of regular golf. In contrast, Topcaddy lithiums are protected by an integrated Battery Management System and designed to handle at least many years of golf , irrespective of temperature and downtime.

How to Look after your Lithium; Not using for what ever reason say over winter or illness/injury/holiday etc just re charge after use and then leave off charge for up to 3 months if required. Then before re use just pop on charge for 10 mins and it will be ‘checked’. or in summer when used regulaly either re charge and leave on charge between uses or after re charge disconnect and then re use the re charge. doesnt matter at all which way the user does it..(the leave off charge way may make the charger last longer…..) the ‘BMS’ management ‘chip’ inside all lithiums protect the cells and battery.

Yet despite the evidence, British golfers continue to persevere with lead-acid. In Germany, for example, almost 100 per cent of trolley sales are with lithium. In the UK it is just 25 per cent.

And finally….

It’s important to note there are different levels of quality. Our supplier produces more than 30 million top-quality batteries each year and supplies brands like Apple and Samsung.

Lithium batteries also offer the best option when it comes to weight, size and speed of re-charge. Lithium can accept top-up charges without causing damage, whereas a lead-acid has to be fully charged each time.

So why is it that we remain to be convinced? …we say…Once purchased all customers will realise how much better value they are!

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10 reviews for Topcaddy 36 Hole (22ah)Lithium Battery Package

  1. Len

    Thank you, all arrived on time, now charged and ready to go.excellant service will recommend you to others

    Mr.T.Kitchin Oxford

  2. Len

    Thanks Len for your outstanding advice and delivery information for me to change delivery options. The battery is great!! no more pushing it home again!!

    Alan Rushton Perth

  3. Len

    Many thanks for the charger for my golf trolley.Spoke to Len Friday afternoon arrived Saturday morning.Only thing i can say is T,C. means top caddy and top company .

    Mr.Frank Wheatcroft. Worcester.

  4. Len

    Dear Len,
    Thought you’d like to know that the battery arrived OK today and so enabling me to take it with me ready for a round or two while away next week. Thanks for the excellent service.

    Mr.Punchard Somerset

  5. Len

    Hi Leonard,
    Battery arrived today , thanks for the great service.I’ve recommended you to a few friends .3.11.2018

    Martin O’Brien Dublin

  6. Len

    Received my order today 3.40 pm, great service, many thanks really appreciate it

    Mr.Millar Ayrshire

  7. Len

    Hi Leonard,

    Many thanks, the trolley arrived early today & I’m more than happy, with both the trolley & service you’ve provided, it’ll make a great replacement for my Motocaddy.

    Mark Griffiths. Wakefield

  8. Len

    Hi Len , just to let you know my new battery arrived today in Spain . Thank you for your prompt service … I will be singing your praises to anyone who will listen !!!
    Hopefully all will be well for the future
    Thanks again

    Mr.Robert McDonald…Spain

  9. Len

    Hi Len,
    I received the battery today – brilliant service and quick delivery.Thanks,
    Steven Baxter Belfast

  10. Len

    Thank you Len. Arrived safely this morning.
    Great service.

    Mr.Pitt Leeds

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