Trolley Wheels

We as a company sell most of the best brands in the industry. We also sell most of all required wheels that fit all the major brands.

We would like to point out also that we as a company buy 100%UK MADE wheels. For example today powakaddy import their wheels from China but we still buy the better longer lasting uk made wheels that fit. Lots of companies that bring their trolleys in from China only sell those Chinese wheels with the connectors,but we will always endeavour to supply the UK made equivalent.

This brings longer lasting use, as opposed to the cheaper Chinese options. Also worth mentioning that there are a multitude of clutch fittings for different wheels and trolley brands,For example the ‘Quick Release QR’ connection in the main fit certain trolleys ie; greenhill will have a bigger axle size so they wont fit ecaddy for example.

We have tried to put the correct and popular makes with the relevant brands in the drop down box for customers to add. If in doubt please just contact us and we can advise.

We also sell front wheels.

Trolley Wheels

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Trolley Wheels

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Trolley Wheels

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Trolley Wheels

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