New Single Seater Golf Buggies

Hand built with 100% UK components with proven technology.

New Single Seater Golf Buggies

For 35 Years Patterson Products have been producing 100% UK MADE single seater golf buggies that dismantle to fit in most cars.Without a doubt the best engineered buggies with the greatest reliability.

Hand built with 100% UK components with proven technology. From a basic 3 wheeler to a high powered motor&gearbox settings for those hillier courses or customers over 14st.

They also do an amazing RENTAL buggy that goes around twice! Not the cheapest buggies as they are 100% UK Made,but when compared to Chinese applications like Powerhouse/Hillman/Power glide/imotion/turbo kaddy.powercruise etc to name a few.

We currently have  a 2 week delivery ONLY on all Grasshopper Cobra buggies…..(only available for a short amount of stock)

In our opinion these buggies we feel are the Mercedes of the buggy world!!…and now customers can upgrade their battery choice to a single 24v Lithium package that is lighter to lift and lasts 5 times the length in years than normal batteries!!uk-made-logo

These buggies not only last forever but hold their value,and we will always buy back.

Why UK Made Patterson’s?.1.They hold their value to re sell on.2.100% UK made ‘bullet proof’ reliability.3.Lighter and more functional.4.Far easier to dismantle.5.27 years of proven history.6.More options for different courses.7.Soft spring seat.8.Fibreglass battery cover for protection.9.4 Colour choices.10.New state of the art technology motors and gearboxes made in Bournemouth.11.Best money can buy.

IMPORTANT;  We strongly suggest customers looking for a New golf buggy to email or ring us to discuss all their circumstances,and logistics, so we can give  the benefit of our 27 years experience in the single seater market. What ever the price point we always want to make sure customers never buy the wrong spec or buggy at all it’s not in our interests.



Experienced golf retailer

We have over 28 years experience in the golfing market with well over 13,000 happy customers who come back to us time and time again. 

UK & International delivery

Next day courier service from the biggest couriers in Europe. All international orders available on 3-5 days delivery.

Got a question about our golf products?

Call us on 01236 879815.​

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