Why a Lithium battery?

Lithium technology has over 1,500 charge cycles for 12v Lithium(usages) and 1,000 for 24v Lithium in 12 years, as a company that only sells the ‘Top Grade’ Lifepo4 grade lithium(for the 12v market) we have never had a customer wear one out yet(on either 12v or 24v)!

Which 12v Lithium should I go for?

In all honesty, most customers these days we sell to, buy a 22ah 36 hole lithium, Not because they play 36 holes but some older well used trolleys ‘can’ take too many amps’ out of a battery due to its age and drag the battery down a little Or a customer may  play a hilly course and feel more comfortable with the extra mileage the 22ah gives The most important reason is …that we now sell the 22ah almost as cheap as a 18ah 27 hole!!..and just arrived the ‘battery meter’ range, in a 18ah with USB and Torberry chargeing point. New to market…And new for 2020 we have a 12v 22ah 36 hole lithium with a  ‘USB’ port.(Our biggest seller)…and a 12v 25ah with USB which has a few more cells than the 22ah so slightly even more milage.We appreciate most customers don’t do 36 holes,and so all our range we believe,offers options for every customer,and are the top grade LifePo4 Lithium quality with FULL 5 year warranty.

Can I leave my Lithium Battery off charge?

Any Lithium battery can be left on or off charge once recharged,it doesnt really matter.And once left off charge, once recharged that can be left off charge for anything up to 6 months.The manufacturers say for the ‘ozone’ layer re charge then take off charge! But either is fine. We always send a ‘do’s and don’ts’ card with every receipt that explains all this…Just dont drop the Lithium!.. also by using a 22ah for only 18 holes WILL NOT affect the battery at all. like it does with cyclic or gel batteries.(and that applies to 24v lithium batteries as well)

Can a Lithium battery be used on its side?

Yes A Lithium battery is not affected in any way in performance on its side,flat or upright.

What is the difference between LifePo4 grade lithium and the cheaper grade ‘Lithium ion’.?

In reality it really doesnt make that much difference these days as it did years ago,LifePo4 has always been the best grade but dearer in general to buy. and now there is not much difference,except for a higher voltage that doesnt work some trolleys with the lith ion version(which is hardly sold these days anyway)as the after sales support is the most important aspect including being able to speak to someone on phone to answer immediate questions,(with ebay that doesnt happen!) Lithium is the present and the future,and 99% of all our customers now not only buy Lithium replacements but always buy Trolleys with a lithium upgrade. Lighter,smaller,and can be interchangeable.We also recommend you always buy from a reputable golf retailer…

What is a Limited 5 year warranty?

Very simple.IF a lithium battery is faulty in the 4th year a replacement will be given at a % of the costs and 5th year same.It is standard stuff really all suppliers do it but in our humble opinion the warranty is in the most part with the lithium batteries irrelevant as they are more consistant and longer lasting than cyclic heavy batteries so cheaper in the long run.We have only ever had to replace 6 lithium battery in 12 years!….So as we are a big Lithium distributor for both 12v/24v and now 36v batteries we only buy from the best factory Lithium specialist,but we are always looking at ways to improve and bring new product to market.and now we as a company put FULL 4 year warranty on our 24v lithium and FULL 5 Year warranty on 12v.

My Little Miracle Lithium is only 2 year old and only doing 16 holes.

Well firstly, it may be your trolley, if its a 16ah 18 hole model, as the older well used older trolleys can take out more ‘amps’ and not get round a hilly course,but the trouble you have now is that you have probably lost your warranty,as ‘Pure Drive’ who used to own the company went bust recently and the new company(Pure Drive Energy ltd) may not transfer the warranty over.With bankrupt companies this can happen sadly.

My Lithium is only doing 16 Holes?

Ok then it isn’t likely to be a lithium battery as they are protected by a ‘BMS’ Management chip’ inside the battery so put a different lithium charger on and re charge and see if that makes any difference ,if it does…faulty charger. if not….if your trolley is 7-10 years old  get it serviced as it ‘may’ be taking out ‘too many amps’ due to years of use and ‘dragging the battery down’ 99% of the time it isn’t always going to be a lithium battery fault.

What trolley should I buy?

The best ‘small’ trolley is the Top Caddy ‘Special’ outstanding unique machine that customers ‘rave about’ ,And Just launched the outstanding ‘Vision’ trolley from Golfstream,1,with its ‘useful’ digital basic functions,and its proven drive train chassis for many years on the market, but outstanding price compared to the ‘bigger branded’ options like motocaddy/powakaddy that are over £500!!…

What difference does the new motocaddy 28v trolley bring compared to the general 12v models?

Very simple unless other lithium suppliers like ourselves decide to bring in for sale 28v lithium replacement batteries customers can only buy them from motocaddy, and hence pay the price they charge for them with no competition.(aka like stewart golf does)..which means don’t lose or break your lithium 28v battery! cost a fortune to replace!,as we all know 12v lithium batteries can vary on the market from £129 to £199…28v will more likely be £300

I Have a IMotion(im4) Buggy,i am fed up of replaceing my 3 batteries, will your 36v lithium fit?

Indeed it will,we have had them made specifically for the ‘imotion/uko and senior pro’ buggies. Full 3 year warranty and lighter and will impove the performance of your buggy as much much ligher that 3 heavy gel batteries, and cheaper long term.

What’s the best Single seat golf buggy?

Well in our opinion Patterson Products are 100% hand built in UK and have 30 years of reputation and they also most importantly ‘hold their re sale value’. While Chinese distributors like Powerhouse/Fairway Rider/Turbo kaddy/i4 Motion Just bring them in from China in a box and then  sell them on. Reliability is the big difference in our 25 years of buggy selling,and now in 2019 we also sell both Grasshopper Cobra& the beast of a buggy that, is the Classic model.(Please ring us for prices on the grasshopper)

Which Buggy Specification would i need?

Quite simple really,if a customer buys a UK made buggy with the PM70 Motors(Patterson Eventer 4/Trio) that is a standard specit is ideal for flat to medium courses and customers under 14st.If a customer is over 14st and plays a hilly course the highpowered PM90 motor buggy(Patterson Highlander) should be the choice because if the wrong one is chosen a customer ‘could’ in time ‘blow’ the motors.As the bigger motored buggies have bigger gearboxes and different settings.

Vat exempt on golf buggies?

No company in UK is allowed to sell any golf buggy related products ‘VAT free’ The only exemption is if the golf buggy is used for ‘own personal use’only and isn’t used on the golf course (this means going to the shops or walking the dog and the buggy needs certain modifications even then like lights and swivel seat).Even if the customer is registered disabled with a blue badge, and has a doctors note it is ‘illegal’ in fact it’s fraud! as golf buggy used on a golf course is NOT classed as ‘personal use’. if it was legal all suppliers will be able to do VAT free.Any supplier saying otherwise is misleading you and putting the customer in a very difficult situation later when any supplier gets visited by the HMRC.customer’s ‘can’ be fined as well as the supplier who can also be closed down.! See link to HMRC website that explains this….’There are NO exceptions and includes 24v batteries,and may we say any company doing this,has always been visited by HMRC. Despite some retailers offering VAT exemption the current guidelines from the HMRC clearly point out that this is not the case. Irrespective of disability it would be illegal for us to do so.


Why are Patterson&Grasshopper Buggies better than the rest?

Very simple really.100% UK made they hold their value so are easy to re sell(we would buy back straight away),and ultra reliable,(we have only had 1 warranty claim in 18 years on new) and compared to the Chinese made buggies (Powerhouse/Turbo caddy/Fairway rider) which have been proven to be unreliable(look on Ebay and see how many are for sale!) they are almost impossible to re sell. The likes of electrokart in our opinion are old fashioned in the case of Grasshopper the only slight ‘down side’ is almost impossible to dismantle and lift the back end to dismantle as it is way too heavy unlike a Patterson buggy which is way more functional and lighter.So as now most customers do is ramp on and out of a suitable car.

Why should I buy second hand buggy?

Well we as a company have sold so many for so many years and we only source and service and put a warranty on all our second hand golf buggies like Grasshopper &Patterson. Reason being they last and hold their re sale on value later. 99% of all customers upgrade to a single 24v lithium battery.and we are not greedy like some suppliers on our prices. There is in general  a £1k gap between a new and a second hand buggy.Everything is on our website as in what is available at the time.We are passionate and care about what we do,and always aim to provide unbiased advice.

Do you sell Motors and Gearboxes individually for Patterson Buggies?

Yes we do.All we need is the full serial number and motor spec ie;PM70/90? or 180/300 watt?This gives us the size.and we can then quote a price.(all are different and delivery would be about 6 weeks at present for new) but that we hope to be quicker.Please email or call to discuss.

What PSI should my tyres be on my Patterson golf buggy be?

22psi on the front and 23psi on the rear.

Why Lithium for a Buggy?

24v Lithium single battery for a golf buggy all makes, and models, is the present and the future,9 out of every 10 are sold with this upgrade,as like 12v trolley Lithiums they last almost for ever,are lighter and can be left off charge once recharged for 6 months,and are much easier to transport,particularly if a buggy is being transported.We think with out a doubt it’s worth the extra and has proven to be this way over the years.Never need another one….

Would a 24v 32/33ah be strong enough for my Powerhouse Chinese Buggy?

Yes it would but as most chinese buggies these days have 1000 watt motors we are starting to see 3-4 year old 32ah come to the end of there lifespan mainly due to the ‘heavy duty’ single big 1000 transaxle motors,’dragging’ the cells down,repeatedly in that ‘capacity’ of battery, and is why we as a company brought to market years ago our 47ah/55ah in the smaller caseing and these are ‘needed’ not only for the chinese buggies but the big heavy grasshopper’s etc. better cells in them and also more of them!!…Certainly the 24v 32ah did a job to start with all those years ago, but now the 47/55ah is a big upgrade in comparison, and we put 4 years warranty on them….thats how proven they are!

Which 24V Buggy Lithium should i go for 47ah or 55ah?

If a customer has the bigger high powered motors on a Electokart/Patterson or a Chinese Powerhouse/Hillman design then a 47/55ah will give extra mileage(also its a smaller size to fit the battery cradles)and as the bigger motors take more ‘juice’ out of any battery the 47/55ah is probably the prudent choice especially if its a hilly type course regularly used. The New 40ah 18 hole will also be ok but it will be ‘tighter’ on hilly wet courses,but is cheaper and will still be guaranteed for 18 holes for 4 years. so we say why risk that when the 47ah and our new 55ah has extra milage and is same size.The 40ah fits any cradle like our 47ah/55ah without any restrictions.We sell a 47ah which is sold to the trade as well as the public in huge numbers, that has the bigger 48ah milage but the smaller caseing size so no buggy alterations are required…perfect!!…and the 24v 47ah is our biggest selling 24v battery…and we sell it to the national grid,and Patterson Products also now put on all their new buggies as standard! as well as all uk manufactuers of golf buggies as well as most good service/repair centres.And now we have a addition to our range the 24v 55ah in a plastic caseing only 11kgs!..and finally we get asked ‘which one should i buy’? well..the 40ah/47ah/55ah on a patterson or pennine can be left on charge on the buggy without any ‘hassle’ as on those buggies the excisting chargeing point at the back of a patterson buggy can still be used to charge the all batteriesd we sell .Any customers not sure please just email or ring us. Either battery will do a great job and be cheaper long term.

What are the differences in the 24v Battery prices on the market?

We as we say all over our website our 24v Lithium battery packages sell to all the big players in the trade and obviously golfers. Our prices are as cheap as we can do for the extra milage and quality of cells in them we pay more for, not only for the extended milage but the size of caseing to fit all buggy battery cradles,with also being able to supply the correct buggy connector required, and most importantly suitable for not only twin motor set buggies but the chinese ‘transaxle 1000 watt’ motors that ‘NEED’ the ‘AH’ we have in our batteries. Our batteries come with a full 4 year warranty, and will last years,sometimes things can be ‘too cheap’ and there is a reason for that. we have been in the buggy market for 27 years and a lithium distributor for many many years.Our 24v range suits all price points and different usages, like someone driving to and from a golf course and playing a hilly course then then the 55ah would be our suggestion, if its a flat course then the 40ah would be our choice, like we say on the 24v pages on our website,supply many top trade accounts.

Does your 24v 47/55ah do 36 holes?

Well yes it will but only in certain circumstances and we dont guarantee 36 holes…eg; flat course in the summer,with a serviced or newish buggy and with standard motors and also the user weighs less than 16st and even then if a customer has a big heavy bag in wet conditions……..we guarantee its a ‘extended mileage’ battery as it has more cells in than say a 32/33ah lithium so that gives it more mileage,but certain courses are hilly and can be very wet at times and all that takes more ‘juice’ out of any battery. Its worth saying also that older motors and brushes that may need replacing also take juice out of their performance.Most customers can struggle with the 32/33ah capacity batteries on the bigger motors but with our 47ah you wont or our 55ah.And now new for 2020 we have a addition to our range a cheaper priced.aimed at those customers that cant afford our ‘flagship’ big selling 47ah/55ah batteries,at £499 it fits nicely into the market for us, and for those customers who maybe even only play 12 holes most of the time fits the bill!

How long for delivery?

Generally, if ordered before 2pm Next working day for most Lithium Batteries,and Trolleys. Golf buggies as they are very rarely pre made take 3 days.Every now and then an electric trolley as they are generally ‘hand built’ to order can take 2 days.

Do you ship to USA?

No not worth the shipping cost and tricky to get through customs.

18ah or 22ah Lithium Battery?..or even a 25ah?

Well 80% of sales these days are the 36 hole 22ah battery in the main because customers may play a hilly course or want to do 36 holes,but the 16ah or even the 18ah (middle option) will do any course in reality. Lithiums ALWAYS have more juice in their ‘cells’ than most customers think.What we would suggest customers consider though,is if a their trolley is well used and older say 8-10 years old be aware that a 16ah which will do 18 holes on a hilly course could ‘take out more juice’ from any battery as it will more than likely take out more ‘amps’ due to age. so the bigger 18ah or 22ah would be prudent. This is something that we are seeing more and more,and indeed our biggest selling battery is the 12v 22ah 36 hole,not only for 36 holes but to give piece of mind,and we sell them at the same price as a 16ah which helps!we also now have a 12v 25ah lifepo4 grade lithium that has more cells than the 22ah, which ideally is perfect for a twin motor remote as well as the single motors trolleys.

Does Lithium fit any trolley?

Yes. the only ‘extra’ a customer might need is with a Powakaddy freeway 3,5,7,model which needs a unique adapter that we sell.We also sell the adaptor for a Stowamatic’ trolley as well.

If i bought a trolley what Upgrade should i go for?

95% of the time we sell brolley holders that on all UK made machines ‘screw in’ to the handle so no ‘wobbly’ ones like in past that go around the chassis,it’s also worth mentioning that on hilly courses we would advise a ‘Brake’ upgrade,which is mainly only available on UK made trolleys as a ‘limited slip differential’ performance. It Certainly puts the price of purchase up a little but if used regularly on a hilly course with out doubt worth it,as it stops on hills and wont run away from customer.

Can my old Powakaddy battery be used on a Golfstream trolley?

Yes, as those batteries have a ‘T-bar’ connector,all that is needed is to make sure the ‘transfered battery has the seperate t-bar/torberry connector that came with the original battery purchase.

Can I dismantle a Golf buggy into my car?

Certainly all models of Patterson buggies will dismantle easily into the back of most cars.Customers can buy ramps from us and put the back seats down in their hatchbacks or 4×4 or estate cars and put the buggy on the ramps with seat off easily and reverse out. For cars with a ‘boot’  can be be tricky but once we know what vehicle the customer has we can advise on that scenario.

What is the best trolley?

The best we have ever sold ever in 20 years going right back to the original hill billy is quite simply the Golfstream Revolution, as it has 8 years of proven reliability and thicker UK made tubing and one piece quick fold. We have also sold alot of the Relatively new ‘tiny folding’ QOD Digital Lithium,and new for 2018 the superb Golfstream ‘Vision’ Digital,and we as a company have recently launched our own TC1 Digital trolley,with a proven ‘drive train’ over many years in this industry,so reliable and it doesn’t have 101 different unusable functions, just the basic settings that customers ask for,and way cheap that so many other trolleys on the market.We believe after selling every trolley ever made our trolley fits the price point and standards customers expect.

Why the TC1 over a Powakaddy?

Firstly PRICE!,and secondly,Reliability.(Powakaddy have had over 34% returns rate in 2017/18)…..as a company selling all makes and models of trolley over the last 25 years,this ‘chassis’ is proven in the market and the ‘field’ to be outstanding value for money. simple,effective,lightweight with the basic functions most customers tell us they need, and also it doesn’t break the bank,and we also offer so many lithium options being a lithium distributor with 5 year warranty’s on these.

What happens if i am not in for delivery?

This shouldnt happen as we will always endeavour to email all customers the courier details and ‘hour window’ of delivery on the day,and customers can then use the link on the email  we send change or make arrangements to leave with a neighbour/DPD drop off shop or leave in their garage etc.A system that works well compared to years past as courier systems have improved quite a lot..

Why doesnt my Red/Black Torberry Fit?

Well all a customer needs to do is slide the plastic cover down from the red/black Torberry ends,then either slide the red/black ends apart and then swap them over and slide back together again.They actually can fit 4 ways but as long as red to red, black to black.If they dont slide apart just break them apart.They will still side back together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnN4rQS2muE

Why a QOD and not a Motocaddy M3 Pro or Powakaddy C2?

Firstly, the QOD is hand built in Australia.While MC and PK are Chinese made,and we have certainly done the odd part exchanges with 6 month old Motocaddy M3 Pro’s and customers feel they made the right choice moving to a QOD as it is firstly smaller and neater and fits a car boot better,as well lighter than those machines mentioned,the MC/PK trolleys are known to catch the fingers in the folding joints where as the QOD doesnt.That is feed back we have been given from customers.

My 2 year old Lithium is not getting round 18 holes what do i do now?

Firstly, if it is possible make sure it has been on charge properly with charging point all the way in,and the mains are switched on.Secondly, if you have a friend or neighbour that has same type of lithium charger, charge your battery with that and use it and see if the same symptoms occur.Thirdly, if it is an ‘intermittent’ fault make sure the T-bar connection on battery is all as it should be and there is no loose connection anywhere.Fourthly, if your charger once plugged into re charge is on a constant green light then thats a charger fault as lithium batteries are more or less ‘bullet proof’ in 12 years of us selling them. ‘Lifepo4’ grade lithium batteries they have a ‘Battery management chip’ inside the battery to protect them. if all that fails to sort the issue ring us!!

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