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Topcaddy Golf Buggy 24v55ah Lithium Battery & Charger Package



 connector&shipping included in price.

Our big selling 24v 55ah Extended Mileage Lithium battery&Charger just got better! now 55ah and a 15ah quick charge charger!. No modifications required like the bigger 48ah lithium needs in certain buggies but has the size of the 18 hole 24v32ah lithium and has huge milage,but way lighter as only 7.5kgs.First of its kind in the market.Full 4 year warranty.Fits all golf buggies and for the still has a LED battery meter as standard….Scroll down for all information&options…….

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Full description & Specs


connector&shipping included in price.

Suitable for all buggy Make&Model’s and ALL buggy battery cradles. options.with no exceptions.NO buggy chassis modifications are required with this product as the 48ah ‘bigger’ sized lithium 24v product we also sell would need in certain buggies some chassis modifications.

With its extra milage(and uprated charger) compared to  other option’s for the single seater market,this model has been tested in all conditions and in actual fact has lithium cells of up to ’56’ah’ extended milage.

The ‘extended milage’ Lithium Golf Buggy Battery is designed especially to fit within the battery bay of all single seat Golf buggies useing a 24V system. Simple modification to wiring may be required,which is very simple to fit,and is available on the checkout as different ones apply to different buggy brands and models.

Patterson-Products-Eventer-4This battery weighs in at only 7.5kgs and measures (W)170mm x (L)270mm x (H)230mm  As their is only one lithium battery required the weight saving when compared to two 70/80ah lead acid batteries is a massive 45kgs.

The Lithium Battery is supplied fully protected by a sophisticated specially designed battery management system that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the lithium battery is always optimised for best performance and life. Charging is also quicker, a flat battery will charge in around 5 hrs and the lithium battery comes supplied with its own lithium ‘intelligent’ charger.

Remember you only need 1 battery. It replaces the 2 standard lead acid batteries on your buggy.as one will never need to buy Heavy batteries batteries ever again and really never replace a lithium either as 1,000 charge cycles and 3 year warranty are applicable on this item.


The New 24v 55ah Lithium package includes 15 ah ‘intelligent’ Lithium charger/Battery and weighs only 11.kgs kgs,and is a upgrade to the 50ah that preceeded this battery, more cells, more milage.

1,000 charge cycles(usages)

Both other options (32ah/47ah) have their own benefits but for the extra milage this 55ah offers(is smaller than the 48ah) and no chassis modifications required we feel this is the future of this area of the buggy market.

And now a ‘Industry leading’ 4 Year Warranty on every 24v 40ah/47ah/55ah Top Caddy Battery.

All 24v lithium batteries can be left on charge  or off charge(for up to 6 or more months once re charged)

This 55ah battery package differs from our massive selling 47ah as it has a ‘plastic’ caseing so lighter to lift(as well as a ‘tad’ more milage than the 47ah!.)We believe this battery is a outstanding alternative to the huge selling 47ah, and will have a added attraction for customers that would always need to lift battery on/off their buggies for whatever reason due to its lighter weight.

All New batteries arrive 50% charged so will need a full charge before use.(battery meter press the button for the blue screen functions)

The battery can also be helpfull in showing the amount of charge left in case the customer cant remember if it was re charged or not or if any customer thinks the charger ‘may’ be faulty if there has been a issue on course,just press the button and it will show the charge left……No other lithium battery we buy or available on the market today has this function that informs the customer about the state of the lithium battery,and also if the charger is actually charging……in our view without doubt the best by a mile on the market today and the future of Lithium!!…..

The Lithium Battery is supplied fully protected by a sophisticated specially designed battery management system that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the lithium battery is always optimised for best performance and life. Charging is also quicker with this charger as its 15ah, a flat battery will charge in around 4-5 hrs if fully discharged.So ‘if’ a charger goes faulty the BMS Management system protects the battery from being damaged.

Beware of ‘cheaper imitations’…they have what are called ‘one dollar cells’,that are cheaper quality and hence lower performance over time, unlike what we have had for 7 years now as a company ‘top of the range’ lithium cells in all our 24v batteries with the biggest warranty on the market.

All 55ah Lithium batteries come with a ‘intelligent’ 15ah Lithium charger that covers all the lithiums cells and only completes charge when ‘all’ cells are reached.

ALL of our 55ah Lithium batteries come as standard with a LED charge meter that keeps the user up to date with state of the charge left in battery,as all golf buggy’s that have battery meters(pattersons/electrokart/pennine) there battery electrics ‘dont’ read lithium technology.No other 24v Lithium battery has this.

The reason we as a company have bought these to market ourselves is there was a gap in the market we felt after selling 1,000’s of buggies and 24v lithium batteries over the years and some buggy brands that have battery covers mean a restriction on height to close them,(patterson/pennine/grasshopper) and so those customers now with those type of buggies do not need to customise the battery cradle&chassis as this 55ah battery has the bigger milage but the smaller size of caseing to fit ALL buggy battery cradle bays, as well as way lighter and more functional..!!

All customers need to add with this product like all 24v lithium batteries is the relevant buggy brand connector as all buggies have different control boxes. ie;a electokart has a different connector design that fits than say a patterson or a powerhouse etc. just add the buggy brand and we do the rest as they are ‘specially made for each buggy’

Customers who are not sure about anything please feel free to email or ring us for any advice,but please be aware that any distributor suggesting over 55ah in there battery with same dimensions is untrue as the max ‘ah’ in the correct size of caseing to fit all buggy battery cradles is 55ah…anything more cannot be fitted in the size of caseing.

One important thing for all customers to bear in mind is all 24v Lithium batteries need to be charged ‘direct’ into the charge point on the battery,and with most customers, if their golf buggy is stored at the golf club we suggest to customers as they are light enough to take home and charge,as in certain circumstances over the years….’at certain clubs they get stolen’!….sad but true,being light enough to lift and transport we are finding this more and more,however they can still be left on charge on any buggy if required.On Patterson/Pennine buggies in particular customers can just plug into the rear chargeing point with this particular lithium charger without the need for the ‘lithium connector pack'(the same applies for ‘certain’ other buggies but ask us first to double check)

 Customers who have a pay pal account can pay by 4 instalments.Just order through website and go onto the pay pal page to complete and it is done there….Spread the cost!

As mentioned above this 24v 55ah battery is smaller&lighter and over our extensive testing on and off golf course in 2016/2017 the ‘cells’ milage range is actually 55ah ‘rated’ tested and proven so on a v hilly course with twin motored buggies or single ‘chinese’ motor this ‘smaller’ battery package will do 36 holes(certain exceptions),and while we appreciate that not every customer does 36 holes, it is ‘peace of mind’ more that with a older twin motored buggy on a hilly course with a ‘heavier’ customer peace of mind is with this product that it wont ‘fall short’ on the course(well as long as it is charged properly!!)

This battery can easily be lifted and transported which is another huge benefit to 24v Lithium batteries. so much so just 2 fingers in theory would be needed! so the days of 25kg big buggy batteries are fast becoming a thing of the past,especially with this 7.5kg battery.

Finally as we say on our ‘FAQ‘ page (top right corner of every webpage)Please Note: VAT Exemption is NOT applicable on Golf related items. Despite some retailers offering VAT exemption the current guidelines from the HMRC clearly point out that this is not the case. Irrespective of disability it would be illegal for us to do so. it is ILLEGAL to NOT pay VAT on golf buggies or golf buggy related product like batteries.Own personal use does NOT cover using on a golf course.and anyone claiming with a ‘blue badge or ‘doctors note‘ are committing a offence.any company who says different are lying. see the link to the customs and excise laws below, scroll down once you click on this link and all customers will see this is the case….if it was legal we would be doing it!   https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vat-notice-7017-vat-reliefs-for-disabled-people/vat-notice-7017-vat-reliefs-for-disabled-and-older-people#determines-goods-eligible

We fully appreciate regarding ‘blue badge’ customers ‘want’ to be able to reclaim the vat but as we state golf related products is not exempt,but we also apprecaite ‘some customers’ don’t care and will buy from a supplier this way,all we can say to that is we are a honest company and do thing the legal way and companies that ‘may’ do the illegal vat off’ WILL get visited and then customers will lose there warranty and have to pay back the vat as their details will on file with that company….

In 10 years since these type of products have been bought to market there are not many suppliers who specialise like us in this market,and this 55ah package is what the market has been ‘crying out for’ with no buggy chassis alterations required now and the extra milage customers will have with the 47ah&55ah with buggies that have the bigger motors that take out more ‘juice’.These are the future of the buggy battery market and customers will never need to replace ever again!! ….and we supply this battery to the National grid and Patterson Products as well as Leoch Battery company& Golf Trolley Workshop Service centre,Electrokart,Grasshopper to name a few trade suppliers with this battery package.

All Customers who have Patterson/Pennine Buggies can now buy this battery and actually leave on charge on the buggy with our ‘Lithium Connector Package’. Normally all lithium batteries for golf buggies have to be charged on the buggy battery as the chargeing point is on the battery, but now we can supply a special ‘chargering package that incorporates ‘battery/chargeing/extension’ leads. which gives the customer flexibility of chargeing a lithium battery on or off a buggy. ‘perfect!..this is available for new buggies and are free for all s/h buggies purchased from topcaddy.(£60 with single lithium battery package)

And finally…The price we have it currently on offer is over £140 cheaper than anything or anyone else on the market!!(remember 24v are NOT Vat exempt)…beware of cheaper imitations!!!..they have ‘one dollar cells in them’!!(not great)

9 reviews for Topcaddy Golf Buggy 24v55ah Lithium Battery & Charger Package

  1. Len

    Thanks so much Len for this information. Very useful. I will recommend your services to others.
    Great customer service.

    Steve Parrott Scunthorpe

  2. Len

    After much internet searching for a lithium replacement for my ancient Patterson Trio decided to buy from Topcaddy, . I spoke to Len who gave much advice and he recommended the 24v 50ah Lithium battery, as it is fits the cradle on the buggy. Wow ! what a difference this makes not only does it make carrying the much, much lighter battery very easy , which also charges much faster it also vastly improves performance , no slow down on hills anymore ! and is now really zippy ! Highly recommended. Thank you !

    Mr.Halliday London

  3. Len

    Hi Len

    Just to let you know the charger arrived today (Friday). Many thanks for sending new one, much appreciated. Service excellent!! Would highly recommend you.

    Pam & Chris Matthews Bournmouth.

  4. Len

    Hi Len many thanks for battery, goes very well and simple to fit .Bringing it home as you suggested.Thanks again for your excellent service.

    Mr.Jenner. Lincolnshire.

  5. Len

    Dear len,Battery and charger arrived last Wednesday and I have just played my first round today (Sunday 20th)in pretty heavy conditions owing to all the rain we have had but no problems getting round and the battery was showing 67% left so plenty left in the tank,I could not be more pleased.Thanks for your advice and I hope to do more business in the future. PS up the baggies.

    John Wooldridge Wolverhampton

  6. Len

    Battery received today Tues 29th.
    Impressed with quality and instructions.
    A trustworthy service.
    Many thanks.Will give a 5 star recommend to all my friends.

    John Anderson Gloucester.

  7. Len

    Mr Len Grindrod
    Just to confirm that the battery package arrived safely on Tuesday this week.
    Many thanks for your assistance in this matter and I will happily recommend your business in the future,

    Mr. Kennedy Northumberland

  8. Len

    Hi Len
    Just a word to thank you for your great service & information re the battery 55ah. It arrived on Saturday & I hope to have it fitted today.
    Again many thanks to you.Best wishes

    Eoin Butler. Luxembourg

  9. Len

    Hi,Len just a quick thank you for firstly giving me great advice before my purchase and secondly to say after my second recharge and use it performed even better.I will highly recommend this battery

    Mr.Hawcroft Barnsley

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