Golf Trolleys

We sell 100% UK MADE trolleys, from all the best quality suppliers.

Golf Trolleys

We sell 100% UK MADE trolleys, from all the best quality suppliers. There is a difference between a ‘distributor’ like Motocaddy, Powabug, Powakaddy, etc who don’t ‘mnufacture’ their trolleys in the UK but import them from China.

Over the years we have sold hundreds of Motocaddy & Powakaddy trolleys but we do not sell their products any more as after years of their trolleys being returned faulty from customers, that constantly need repairing and with Powakaddy being in liquidation 3 times in 11 years, we as a company feel they don’t represent good value for money, where customers on average change those trolleys every 3-5 years or so. We respect they spend a lot of money creating a ‘badge’, but over our 25 years experience of selling trolleys the average returns percentage for Chinese chassis are a industry 14%(Motocaddy/Powakaddy/Powabug) as opposed to a UK made chassis with 100% UK components of less than 1% (Golfstream/Greenhill)

There is a huge reliability difference as we are sure customers will know between a manufacturer and a distributor/importer as we highlighted above. We have a 15,000 repeat customer database that gives us feedback good and bad and over the last 25 years. We have the knowledge and experience of what to buy and not to buy for the reasons mentioned.

We are also QOD main european retailer, and there ‘smallest’ award winning trolley is our best selling trolley package.

Companies like Greenhill & Golfstream are engineering companIES of some repute that have proven technology and years and years of track record reliability. Indeed Golfstream also own an electrical company supplying other distributors and companies.

We could go on why customers should buy UK made, we hope our product descriptions help in your choices. Please feel free to email or ring us for any impartial advice you need.

On most of our trolley pages there are videos to help in your selection.

If it you dont see this Logo is isnt made in UK.


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