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Topcaddy Golf Buggy 24v47ah Lithium Battery&Charger Package




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Proven reliability and performance over many years. 24v 47ah Extended Mileage Lithium battery & Charger. No modifications required like the bigger 48ah lithium needs in certain buggies but has the size of the 18 hole 24v32ah lithium and the huge mileage of the bigger 24v 48ah. First of its kind in the market. Full 4 year warranty. Fits all golf buggies and for the first time has a LED battery meter as standard.

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“Had my first outing in my cart with the new battery yesterday. Wow what a difference, no power issues and after 18 holes still had over 50% left in the battery. Charged it back up when I got home, took no time at all. I’m really pleased that I found you on-line. I am one happy customer!!”

Mr.Basson Reading

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Customers please be aware due to ‘Brexit’ and the Russia/Ukraine war as we all are aware living costs and component costs have gone up substantially worldwide and now the time has come frustratingly that all our trade and retail prices will have to increase from….. July 1st…This battery package will from that date be £639!!

 Free Lithium Connector&Shipping

The ‘extended milage’ Lithium Golf Buggy Battery is designed especially to fit within the battery bay of all single seat Golf buggies useing a 24V system. Simple modification to wiring may be required,which is very simple to fit,and is available on the checkout as different ones apply to different buggy brands and models.



It weighs in at 11kgs and measures (W)170mm x (L)250mm x (H)220mm  As their is only one lithium battery required the weight saving when compared to two 70/80ah lead acid batteries is a massive 40kgs.

The Lithium Battery is supplied fully protected by a sophisticated specially designed battery management system that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the lithium battery is always optimised for best performance and life. Charging is also quicker, a flat battery will charge in around 5 hrs and the lithium battery comes supplied with its own lithium ‘intelligent’ charger.

Remember you only need 1 battery. It replaces the 2 standard lead acid batteries on your buggy.this product is now becoming our best selling buggy battery option,as one will never need to buy Heavy batteries batteries ever again and really never replace a lithium either as 1,000 charge cycles and 4 year warranty are applicable on this item.


The 47ah 24v Lithium package includes ‘intelligent’ Lithium charger/Battery and weighs only 10.7kgs

1,000 charge cycles(usages)

Both other options (32ah/48ah have their own benefits but for the extra milage this 47ah offers(is smaller than the 48ah and same size as the smaller milage 32ah) and no chassis modifications required we feel this is the future of this area of the buggy market.particulaly for the 1000 watt chinese buggies.

This Battery WILL fit ALL Makes and models of Buggy battery cradles.

Proven reliability&performance for years,and we put the biggest warranty in the industry on 24v batteries for a reason.

Customers beware of ’36ah and lower ah’ batteries,as they dont suit long term the bigger motors on chinese buggies long term.

Please note on patterson/Pennine Buggies if any customers wants to leave there battery ON the buggy ON charge they can, as opposed to take home away from golf club buggy shed, or even charge on buggy at home then the ‘extra’ 3 pin-grey anderson’ connector is required. Most customers do take there batteries home from buggy sheds as they ‘can be stolen’!, and the charging on this battery is 3 pin directly into battery or as mentioned via the back of the buggy with the ‘extra’ connector, this is only applicable on patterson/pennine buggies.alll connectors are on the drop down box to order with battery.

As we say below.Proven product in the market for years,and and works in all different market types,electrical,golf buggies etc…. with the biggest warranty.(not had a faulty ever).The old cliche…You get what you pay for. We think its the best on the market by a mile and proven to be just that.We knew we had a great product here when the ‘National Grid’ tested this battery some years ago and it passed there ‘3 stress tests’which they do for all products they buy…….

All 24v lithium batteries can be left on charge,or off charge(for up to 6 months or more once re charged)

All 47ah Lithium batteries come with a Full 4 year warranty.

All New batteries arrive 50% charged so will need a full charge before use.(battery meter press the button for the blue screen functions)

The battery can also be helpfull in showing the amount of charge left in case the customer cant remember if it was re charged or not or if any customer thinks the charger ‘may’ be faulty if there has been a issue on course,just press the button and it will show the charge left……No other lithium battery we buy or available on the market today has this function that informs the customer about the state of the lithium battery,and also if the charger is actually chargeing……in our view without doubt the best by a mile on the market today and the future of Lithium!!…..

 The Lithium Battery is supplied fully protected by a sophisticated specially designed battery management system that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the lithium battery is always optimised for best performance and life. Charging is also quicker, a flat battery will charge in around 5-6 hrs if fully discharged.So ‘if’ a charger goes faulty the BMS Management system protects the battery from being damaged.

All 47ah Lithium batteries come with a ‘intelligent’ 10ah Lithium charger that covers all the lithiums cells and only completes charge when ‘all’ cells are reached.

ALL of our 47ah Lithium batteries come as standard with a LED charge meter that keeps the user up to date with state of the charge left in battery,as all golf buggy’s that have battery meters(pattersons/electrokart/pennine) there battery electrics ‘dont’ read lithium technology.No other 24v Lithium battery has this.

The reason we as a company have bought these to market ourselves is there was a gap in the market we felt after selling 1,000’s of buggies and 24v lithium batteries over the years and some buggy brands that have battery covers mean a restriction on height to close them,(patterson/pennine/grasshopper) and so those customers now with those type of buggies do not need to customise the battery cradle&chassis as this 47ah battery has the bigger milage of the 48ah lithium but the smaller size of caseing to fit ALL buggy battery cradle bays.!!

All customers need to add with this product like all 24v lithium batteries is the relevant buggy brand connector as all buggies have different control boxes. ie;a electokart has a different connector design that fits than say a patterson or a powerhouse etc. just add the buggy brand and we do the rest as they are ‘specially made for each buggy’

Customers who are not sure about anything please feel free to email or ring us.

One important thing for all customers to bear in mind is all 24v Lithium batteries need to be charged ‘direct’ into the charge point on the battery,and with most customers, if their golf buggy is stored at the golf club we suggest to customers as they are light enough to take home and charge,as in certain circumstances over the years….’at certain clubs they get stolen’!….sad but true,being light enough to lift and transport we are finding this more and more,however they can still be left on charge on any buggy if required.

Customers who have a pay pal account can pay by 4 instalments.Just order through website and go onto the pay pal page to complete and it is done there….Spread the cost!

Any customer that already have a 30/32ah 24v Lithium already we might consider a part ex to the 47ah…(ask for details)

As mentioned above this 24v 47ah battery is smaller and over our extensive testing on and off golf course in 2016 the ‘cells’ milage range is actually 47ah ‘rated’ tested and proven so on a v hilly course with twin motored buggies or single ‘chinese’ motor this ‘smaller’ battery package will do extended milage,even 36 holes on certain courses.(certain exceptions),and while we appreciate that not every customer does 36 holes, it is ‘peace of mind’ more that with a older twin motored buggy on a hilly course with a ‘heavier’ customer peace of mind is with this product that it wont ‘fall short’ on the course(well as long as it is charged properly!!)

This battery can easily be lifted and transported which is another huge benefit to 24v Lithium batteries. so much so just 2 fingers in theory would be needed! so the days of 25kg big buggy batteries are fast becoming a thing of the past.

The popular selling 32ah we sell is fine for most buggies and 18 holes we just feel speaking to customers over the years that sometimes customers change golf clubs to a hillier course or they put a bit of weight on and there twin motored buggy(patterson/pennine/electokart) is getting older and well worn and then the motors may well take out more ‘juice’ so extra milage is required and a 32ah might be ‘tighter’ in this regard….not with this battery! as we promote it has the bigger milage cells in the smaller caseing.and it will fit every single buggy battery cradle unlike the 48ah.We believe this product will appeal to all customers scenarios and is fantastic value over time.

Beware of ‘cheaper imitations’…they have what are called ‘one dollar cells’,that are cheaper quality and hence lower performance over time, unlike what we have had for 7 years now as a company ‘top of the range’ lithium cells in all our 24v batteries with the biggest warranty on the market.

Finally as we say on our ‘FAQ‘ page (top right corner of every webpage)Please Note: VAT Exemption is NOT applicable on Golf related items. Despite some retailers offering VAT exemption the current guidelines from the HMRC clearly point out that this is not the case. Irrespective of disability it would be illegal for us to do so. it is ILLEGAL to NOT pay VAT on golf buggies or golf buggy related product like batteries.Own personal use does NOT cover using on a golf course.and anyone claiming with a ‘blue badge or ‘doctors note‘ are committing a offence.any company who says different are lying. see the link to the customs and excise   https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vat-notice-7017-vat-reliefs-for-disabled-people/vat-notice-7017-vat-reliefs-for-disabled-and-older-people#determines-goods-eligible

We fully appreciate regarding ‘blue badge’ customers ‘want’ to be able to reclaim the vat but as we state golf related products is not exempt,but we also apprecaite ‘some customers’ don’t care and will buy from a supplier this way,all we can say to that is we are a honest company and do thing the legal way and companies that ‘may’ do the illegal vat off’ WILL& DO get visited and then customers will lose there warranty and have to pay back the vat as their details will on file with that company….

In 10 years since these type of products have been bought to market there are not many suppliers who specialise like us in this market,and this 47ah package is what the market has been ‘crying out for’ with no buggy chassis alterations required now and the extra milage customers will have with the 47ah with buggies that have the bigger motors that take out more ‘juice’.These are the future of the buggy battery market and customers will never need to replace ever again!! ….and we supply this battery to the National grid and Patterson Products as well as Leoch Battery company,Grasshopper,and L-3 Communication Systems as well as some Golf Service centre’s in the north of england,.as well as Golf Trolley Garages,Golf Trolley workshop,and now Electrokart ,to name a few,

We fully realised the quality of this battery when the national grid put this battery through there 3’stress tests’ they legaly have to do with all new stock items…..and it passed with flying colours! and still purchase to this day with over 300 purchased so far……we believe its the best on market bar none hence the 4 year warranty.

All Customers now who have Patterson/Pennine Buggies can now buy this battery and actually leave on charge on the buggy with our ‘Lithium Connector Package’. Normally all lithium batteries for golf buggies have to be charged on the buggy battery as the chargeing point is on the battery, but now we can supply a special ‘chargering package that incorporates ‘battery/chargeing/extension’ leads. which gives the customer flexibility of chargeing a lithium battery on or off a buggy. ‘perfect!..this is available for new buggies and are free for all s/h buggies purchased from topcaddy.(£60 with single lithium battery package)

And finally…The price we have it currently on offer is over £140 cheaper than anything or anyone else on the market!!(remember 24v are NOT Vat exempt)

19 reviews for Topcaddy Golf Buggy 24v47ah Lithium Battery&Charger Package

  1. Len

    Many thanks for all your advice and quick delivery with this 24v sample Lithium you sold me. sorry i was so pedantic over my choice,it is a lot of money on my pension but, but i find is so much easier to transport than my old heavy batteries. used it 7 times so far and it charges so much quicker as well. by the way thought i would pass on my friend tried it and i only play for 18 holes but he went out twice and got round with plenty to spare and is heavier than me so all we discussed was proven to me there. Thanks again Len. much appreciated with everything.

    Joseph Hamilton Cornwall

  2. Len

    Just a quick line Len to say thanks again for all the help and advice. this 47ah battery really has changed the way i use my buggy now. what a difference and yes it has plenty of ‘juice left’ after i play my hilly course. you were right!! Thanks again.

    A. Arnold Swansea

  3. Len

    Super fast Delivery Len. and your were right it does make a difference…can lift the battery to charge now. what a difference. worth the extra cost for sure in my book.Much appreciated.

    R. White Surrey.

  4. Len

    Very impressed with this purchase. never realised how much easier and lighter to lift.changed the way i transport my buggy now. superb door to door service i could track…very impressed. thanks.

    Lionel Adams Aberdeen

  5. Len

    Just a quick line Len to thank you for the very quick shipment of my 47ah battery package,and all the advice i needed. it really does make a difference. and i love the wee battery meter on it if i want to go for a few more holes!!..My mate is very envious!.

    Simon Evans Cardiff

  6. Len

    Hi Len replacement battery is superb well pleased with performance and thank you for everything. I shall be pleased to recommend your company to all my fellow golfers

    Malcolm Collins Manchester.

  7. Len

    Hello Len ,what wonderful service I can’t thank you enough ,parcel arrived safely yesterday.Much easier to put the buggy in the car ,so excited about using it ,speedy gonzales ! Already singing your praises to everyone and will continue to do so ,you are a credit to the industry.

    Sue Bassindale Scunthorpe.

  8. Len

    I received the 47ah lithium battery yesterday, thank you.Thanks again for your service, it was excellent and I will have no hesitation recommending you to all my golfing friends.

    Mr.Smale Warrington

  9. Len

    Hi Len, Lithium battery arrived as promised all connected up. Soo much better than my heavy batteries.I looked about before i bought from you and am very happy with all your advice and service. first class(please put this on your website as i struggled to work it out!) Many thanks again.

    Alan Simmonds Merseyside.

  10. Len

    Hi Len,Had my first outing in my cart with the new battery yesterday. Wow what a difference, no power issues and after 18 holes still had over 50% left in the battery. Charged it back up when I got home, took no time at all. I’m really please that I found you on-line. I am one happy customer!!

    Mr.Basson Reading

  11. Len

    Hi Len, Received my Lithium battery(Sorry i have been ill recently since ordering so only just used for first time.) As you said it would went round my very hilly course well and still had 40% left on battery meter..Hopefully now no more heavy lifting of batteries and quick replacements of old cyclic ones! One of my mates i believe have ordered one recently as i recommended you.We both fully appreciate the advice and the superb tracked delivery. Thanks again.

    R.Williamson Marbella(Spain)

  12. Len

    Hi Len, Just a quick email to thank you for the advice and quick delivery re my lithium buggy battery purchase a recently.It is soo much lighter as you suggested so make a hell of a difference.I have a mte who wants one soon and i have gave him your details. Thanks again.

    Norman Dyce Carlisle

  13. Len

    Hi Len
    I’ve just set up my buggy with the lithium battery I purchased – just wanted to say thank you for great service and easy to follow instructions I was able to do it myself!

    Caroline Smith County Durham

  14. Ron Walker (verified owner)

    Pre-Order – Outstanding
    Delivery – Outstanding
    Performance – Outstanding
    What more can I say, thoroughly recommended.

    18.10.2018 Telford.

  15. Len

    Hi Leonard
    Received today fitted just charging thank you for your prompt delivery and service

    Mr.Dale Bolton

  16. Len

    Hello Len

    Just a little note to say thank you very much for your advice and help when I phoned last Friday regarding a replacement battery for my Pennine Driver buggy.
    I received it on Saturday lunchtime and by coincidence my son and grandson came for a spot of lunch and they fitted the battery for me in no time at all. My grandson is an electrician so I was lucky he came round!!
    The buggy is working great and I will be using it tomorrow (weather permitting). Cant wait to get going and hope it brings my handicap down a bit, although a know its only a battery and not a miracle worker!!. I have put a review on Trustpilot for you and thank you once again.

    Mrs.Hessling Rotherham

  17. Len

    I confirm receipt of my battery. First class service and easy to fit.

    Mr.Evans Walsall

  18. Len

    FANTASTIC. Battery simply fitted and used this morning. Much better power and still showing 65% left on completion. Many thanks!

    Mr.Newman Essex

  19. Len

    Dear Len,
    Many thanks for the very prompt delivery of the battery. It arrived this morning.Excellent service.Kind regards,

    Mrs.Corlett Leicester

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