Golfstream Revolution Digital Trolley (Chassis only)


CHASSIS ONLY PRICE…(add lithium battery if required)

The Revolution has several unique design features that make it the easiest to use yet most robust trolley you can buy today. The one click fold/unfold into a fully locked position is achieved in no more than 1 second. The frame is made from aircraft grade aluminium. 

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Full description & Specs

madeinbritainThere will be no more revolution chassis made any more. sad but true…the engineering company that make them no longer make golf trolleys…the best trolley ever made in our view is no more!!

The Revolution has several unique design features that make it the easiest to use yet most robust trolley you can buy today. The one click fold/unfold into a fully locked position is achieved in no more than 1 second. The frame is made from aircraft grade aluminium. They do not use the central beam of the trolley to support your golf bag, this makes your golf bag and the entire trolley supportive and firm with no bag twist. The low centre of gravity makes the trolley exceptionally stable even when traversing a steep slope. Annoying bag twist is a thing of the past. There are no rivets used in its construction instead they use engineered nuts and bolts making a more rigid longer lasting frame. Their is no issue with front wheel clogging either, a common fault with some leading brands. Add to all of this the fact that the back wheels are the highest part of the machine when folded and you have the perfect partner for your round of golf.

The Revolution is available in standard or brake versions and in a variety of power options including the incredibly light Lithium LifePo4 battery.With the Standard package price is now a 26ah 27 hole battery as standard,with upgrades on the checkout page.


When it comes to your game, the Revolution puts you firmly in control. The twin digit display moves in 0.5 increments giving you more choice by allowing you to change speed in small steps to perfectly match your own walking pace.
The accelerator doubles as a simple to use on/off switch and can be programmed for left-handed users. You can even adjust the display brightness to suit your own personal preference.GOLFSTREAM REVOLUTION 2016

The soft pistol grip handle allows you to be in full control with the utmost comfort. For your convenience there is a battery indicator built into the electronics and a distance control feature allowing you to send your machine off on its own up to 5 distance settings.

Add to this a security feature where you can programme your own 2 digit code to stop accidental or unwanted use and you have the perfect golfing partner.

The drive train is exceptionally quiet and incredibly efficient thanks to the four German made bearings and ‘floating’ motor gearbox assembly; the marine grade stainless steel axle is free to glide through the entire drive system.

Revolution Brake

The Revolution is available with an optional brake at the time of purchase. The Electronic Brake allows you to take the speed control below zero and into -1, -2 up to -6 where you get a firm brake for a slow decent. In -6 setting with the trolley angled away from the slope it will act as an effective parking brake. For those playing the steepest of courses we recommend the optional pneumatic wheels for your Revolution to offer far more grip than the standard wheels.

The Revolution brake has a limited slip differential gearbox to allow good maneuverability even though the wheels are themselves fixed. It has a split rear axle to allow independent movement of each rear wheel facilitated by the LSD gearbox. The upgraded brake electronics effectively short out the motor to offer an effective brake.

Please note that as the wheels are fixed, freewheeling from, say, the car park to the first tee is not possible, this will need to be done under power. When the brake is in use power is being used, for that reason we strongly recommend a 36 hole battery even for 18 holes of golf assuming a hilly course. In the unlikely event of a break down or battery failure the wheels can quickly be put into an outer groove to allow freewheeling in an emergency.

We believe the best trolley EVER made in 25 years. With thicker tubing than any other trolley ever.Not the cheapest and may we say a older design compared to the new GS ‘DUO SPORT'(which we believe is the best trolley in today new age/market released in 2017,but the revolution still sells well in uk and europe and stands the test of time with its proven reliability.

1 review for Golfstream Revolution Digital Trolley (Chassis only)

  1. Len

    I see why you call the revolution the best ever made. wow its so much sturdier than my old decrepit Powakaddy.Also v impressed in the care you guys take in the delivery door to door. Thank you.


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