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Golfstream 'Vision' Digital Lithium Trolley Package


PRICE IS FOR CHASSIS ONLY…………Add your lithium battery if required.



The new Vision electric trolley from Golfstream is packed with premium performance features yet comes at the incredible price for black friday …Check out the 3 new Video’s below…..

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“The new Vision trolley has been a few years in the making and after getting our hands on it we think it has been worth the wait.”

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PRICE IS FOR CHASSIS ONLY………Add your lithium battery if required.



July Offer…FREE  shipping& Waterproof Golfstream Golf bag for only £75!!(normally £189)

The Kent based trolley manufacturer and well respected manufactuer and distributor, are launching their most feature packed electric golf trolley to date.
Addressing one of the key issues with electric trolleys – reading the screen in direct sunlight – the aptly named Vision golf trolley comes with a revolutionary new Caddy White display screen that can be read in even the brightest, most direct sunlight. Think e-Reader and you will get the idea.
Added to this innovation is their simple one-click open and close mechanism which makes the Vision the easiest and quickest trolley to use in the world of golf.

This trolley is without doubt the quietest trolley on the market!!(we have used one and it certainly is that and light)….


Folds flatter than all main competitors’ trolleys.
Revolutionary Caddy White screen can be seen easily even in full sun.
One touch super simple fold/unfold.
Holds the bag beautifully without “perching” on the central beam to avoid bag wobble.
Non clogging front wheel housing.
Full livery colour swaps available.
Super slick high grip tyres.
Longer lasting tyres (5 times longer life than normal EVA).
Easy off main wheels.
Distance control function.
Speed increments in 0.5 to get the perfect speed to match your pace.
Fully programmable left handed operation.
Personalisation of the main screen to allow names.
Simplicity mode for those who don’t want the fancy extras.
Super quiet powerful drive train for an uninterrupted round.
Sleek power platform to take all popular batteries.
Supplied with LiFePO4 lithium battery as standard.
Magnetic hold together latch for quick and simple hold.
Designed in the UK for simple reliable operation.
Two year parts and labour guarantee, 3 years on lithium batteries.
Available without battery and charger if desired.


  Derek Richford, Golfstream’s Managing Director say’s….“All golfers have battled to read the screens on their golf trolleys since they first came onto the scene, we felt it was about time that this most annoying issue was addressedIt doesn’t take a lot of sunlight to make reading the traditional black screens difficult to see due to intense reflection, but the Caddy White screen removes this issue no matter where golf is played in the world. It’s new, revolutionary and we believe will make using an electric trolley more convenient and enjoyable”.

Derek continued “Seeing people struggling to open and close their machines at the boot of their car inspired us to design the Vision one touch mechanism, we believe it makes the Vision the easiest trolley to use in the world”.

The new Vision electric trolley from Golfstream is packed with premium performance features yet comes at the incredible price of just £449 inc VAT for the 18-hole lithium version


New features include:

 Patented one-touch, easy-fold mechanism that makes the Vision the simplest trolley to set up and fold away in the world
 Small fold down size making it one of the most compact trolleys in its class in the market today
 Magnetic latch that holds the trolley together in the folded position to make carrying and transporting the Vision hassle-free.
 High-grip slick PU tyres that are five times more durable than normal tyres providing a super-smooth, cushioned ride for your clubs and valuables.
200v whisper-quiet motor that will carry your clubs with ease across all terrains.

Dimensions; Back axle width 595mm-Length 865mm-Height 285mm

New Waterproof Golf bag now available.

An 18-hole lithium LifePO4 battery, which is supplied as standard, sits in a sleek power platform that is conveniently designed to take all other popular brands of batteries.

As with all Golfstream trolleys, the Vision holds your golf bag firmly in place by using the side arms, rather than balancing it on the central spine as most others do, avoiding unnecessary ‘bag wobble’ over bumpy ground.

A non-clogging front wheel housing, combined with easily detachable main wheels, ensures that cleaning and servicing is also a simple task.

The button on the handle enables the Vision to be programmed for left and right-handed use and provides access to a distance control function, with speed increments of 0.5, enabling the speed to be perfectly matched to a golfer’s walking pace.

The main Caddy White screen can be personalised with a golfer’s details, whilst there is a ‘simplicity’ mode, also accessed through the button on the handle, for golfer’s who just want to get on with their game with the minimum of features.

For complete customisation, the whole colour scheme can be quickly swapped to any one of five colours from Golfstream’s new accessory range.

The Golfstream Vision, which comes with a two-year parts and labour guarantee represents great value for money for golfers that demand total performance and reliability from their power trolley.


“Sleek, premium, classy. Sometimes electric trolleys can get chunky and obese, but the Vision does not fall into this category. It looks like a push trolley, with a lithium battery strapped to it.The display is also an appealing size, large enough so it is simple to read, but not garishly large.The easiest electric trolley to fold and unfold we’ve ever used. wo simple straps hold the bag in place, and it seems relatively well held in place. Some other brands offer more sturdy strapping, but we didn’t have any issues with our bag slipping around.

Users can go up in .5 increments regarding speed which is actually quite useful, as we found our pace was often inbetween numbers.

There’s also a distance control function, meaning you can send your bag off on its own if that’s your thing.A premium product in the electric trolley market. The Golfstream Vision does the basics brilliantly and looks good doing it.”

What the Media Have to Say…

National Club Golfer:
“The new Vision trolley has been a few years in the making and after getting our hands on it we think it has been worth the wait.”

“Sleek, premium, classy:
“The paper-like display is fantastic, with numbers seemingly jumping off the screen. In bright sunlight it still works really well, which can’t be said for some trolleys”

“…Vision of what a golf trolley should be”
“The folding mechanism is genius….”

7 reviews for Golfstream ‘Vision’ Digital Lithium Trolley Package

  1. Len

    My wife and I have purchased many electric golf trollies over the years most of which have ended up in our garage either in need of repair or defective. We have recently purchased two Golfstream Vision trollies from Top Caddy and I can honestly say that they are the easiest to assemble from the car and to pack away after our games. I have demonstrated the ease of use to fellow club members who were equally impressed. I also like the smooth and quiet performance of the motor and the trolley looks great. I thoroughly recommend the Golfstream Vision and the service we have received from Top Caddy.

    Mr.K Joy Norwich.

  2. Len

    Hi Len,
    Recently received my Vision Trolley deal, great service and i agree its very light and easy to use way better than my old hill billy thanks again.

    Alan Evans Cornwall.

  3. Len

    Used my new golfstream trolley yesterday for first time and love it so easy and quite compared to my old noisy Powerbug, great advice and quick delivery..stay safe Len..

    F.Wall Northumberland.

  4. Len

    Today has finally arrived and it is my husband’s 70th Birthday. He absolutely loves all the stuff I bought from you, so thank you so much for helping me with the order and pointing out that I had missed the chance of the golf bag and then letting me purchase this separately.You have been amazing through all of this and I will certainly encourage my husband and his golfing friends to use your store in future.

    Thank you again. You helped a woman, that knows nothing about golf, make her husband grin like an excited child on his 70th birthday.

    Mrs.L’estrange Wiltshire.

  5. Len

    Hi Len
    You’re a star.Ordered trolley after 2pm yesterday
    Arrived 1230 todayThat’s what I call service !!!!It’s built which even I could handle with ease and up and running
    Can’t believe how quiet it runs,As ever my thanks for sorting me out, your advice is always gratefully received

    Mr.MacVean High Wycombe

  6. Len

    Thanks len for all your advice, love the trolley, and so light and quiet, as well as quick delivery..Thanks again.


    John Kay Ipswich

  7. Len

    Received vision trolley yesterday, thanks len for your help and advice a fast delivery,you are right def light and quieter than my old PK.

    Mr.A.Francis Dorset

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