24v 47ah Lithium Golf Buggy Extended Milage Battery&Charger package

Suitable for all buggy Make&Model options.with no exceptions.NO buggy chassis modifications are required with this product as the 48ah ‘bigger’ sized Battery.


With its extra milage(and uprated charger) compared to our other option for the single seater market the ’32ah’ which is still a good and popular selection,this model has been tested in all conditions and in actual fact has lithium cells of up to ’47’ah milage'(36 holes)

The 36 Hole Lithium Golf Buggy Battery is designed especially to fit within the battery bay of all single seat Golf buggies useing a 24V system. Simple modification to wiring may be required,which is very simple to fit,and is available on the checkout as different ones apply to different buggy brands and models.Patterson-Products-Eventer-4

It weighs in at 11kgs and measures (W)160mm x (H)200mm x (L)250mm  As there is only one lithium battery required the weight saving when compared to two 70/80ah lead acid batteries is a massive 40kgs.

The Lithium Battery is supplied fully protected by a sophisticated specially designed battery management system that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the lithium battery is always optimised for best performance and life. Charging is also quicker, a flat battery will charge in around 6 hrs and the lithium battery comes supplied with its own lithium charger.

Simply the best of its kind on the market and cheapest!!


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