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We have 0 Available. and are the Highpowered ‘TOP OF THE RANGE’  CLASSIC/JUNIOR SE/COBRA  MODELS model, and a UK made Junior model New it is £2,700. It is in Outstanding condition and ,and we put a 6 months warranty on both Batteries(3 Years on Lithium) and on buggy…(We also sell new grasshopper buggies)..Scroll Down for more Info……

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Full description & Specs


We have 0/GREEN CLASSIC ;This buggy is in Outstanding condition.(see pix on picture gallery)Fully serviced and include a 12 month warranty on buggy and 6 Months on batteries .This buggy ‘is a beast!’.Powerfull and will do any hilly course.These buggy’s are as good as they come.This model is the current model with the UK MADE 2x 300 watt motors &gearboxes&electomagnetic brakes.Buggy is serviced and in perfect working order,with a 12 months warranty on the buggy. upgrading to a 24v lithium(4 year warranty) can be done and converted to these buggies which we will do before shipment…… SOLD OUT £1495

Please note all Fibreglass UK made Buggies will have a certain amount of the odd ‘scratch or marks’ on as only natural for secondhand buggies,which is just cosmetic, as the most importa aspect of any buggy is the motors&gearboxes.

0/JUNIOR SE WHITE  Fully serviced 12 months warranty on buggy-6 months on standard batteries.6 Years old,(Which in the buggy market doesnt lways matter as so many times buggies are not used for years for veraios reasons)The tyres give away the lack of use,and this buggy is in excellant condition,excellant  fiberglass,fully serviced,and a little cheaper than the younger one but no less a great buy.SOLD OUT with Lithium 48ah Only £1795…..a 24v lithium battery is available on all buggy’s also with a 3 year warranty.(99% of customers upgrade as they last forever)

0/JUNIOR SE GREEN..Buggy 1(SOLD OUT)…Fully serviced and fully warranted.,as we always say we always get all sourced s/h buggies as good as they possibly can be. Outstanding condition and in perfect working order.12 months warranty on buggy and 6 months on batteries….with the UK MADE 2x 300 watt motors &gearboxes&electromagnetic brakes fitted. As above a 24v lithium battery upgrade is available to be fitted to this buggy with a 4 year warranty as a upgrade.(new this buggy is £2,595)plus lithium…Buggy 2….4 Years old,not used for 3 Years, immaculate condition fibreglass and as we say above fully serviced&warranted…….BUGGY 1 SOLD OUT £1395.00.. BUGGY 2 SOLD OUT £1495

Designed and developed with the aid of the Engineering Faculty of Sheffield University they have continued to improve and refine the design of the Classic to make it a leader in today’s single seat golf buggy market.

Having a wider 36” wheelbase the classic buggy offers increased stability for the more demanding golf courses. It is also 4” shorter in length, which can help where space is at a premium in the vehicle.The Cobra &Junior options offer a 30″ back axle.(same motors&gearboxes)

Independant front and integrated rear mudguards and deluxe seat are standard.
Power; Two 24 Volt 300 Watt Motors Transmission; Direct drive through 30:1 reduction gearboxes
Speed Control; Step-less twist grip control for smooth operation – maximum

speed 8 MPH (15km/h)
Direction Control; Forward – Reverse switch conveniently located on the main control panel
Safety Features; Piezo reverse warning sounder
Climbing Ability; 1:3 Gradient Brakes; Non-Fading regenerative braking with electromagnetic parking brake
Batteries; Two sealed GEL lead acid 12V x 75AH coupled in series
Battery Charging; Charger plugs directly into socket in rear of buggy
Battery Charger; 8 amp – 24 Volt with automatic cut-out
Tyres; 13″ x 6.5″ x 6″ – Tubeless
Turning Radius; 2.6 Metres (102″) Overall Length; 1.22m (48″)but can be 40″
Overall Width; 914mm (36″)
Overall Height; 864mm (34″)Flat 16″
Weight; 96kg
Carrying Capacity; 125kg (including golf bag)


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