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Who are Greenhill we get asked?….Well for last 18 years their products have been exclusively made for sale in the golf trade by a north of England engineering company with 100% UK made components, and indeed made parts for Powakaddy 12 years ago before Powakaddy went to china for their parts to save money!! (and how did that work out…Powkaddy bust 3 times in 10 years!)

Greenhill Golf Trolleys offer a range of products to suit every golfers requirements. All their Parts are British designed, manufactured and built in house at their factory in Lancashire,so you can feel rest assured that a Greenhill Trolley really is the best of British!!

Founded in 1991 Greenhill entered the golf market with the three-wheel Push ‘n’ pull trolley. Still in production today the easy folding, lightweight trolley design has stood the test of time. Greenhill’s first electric trolley was launched in 1994. A brand new design at the time,the new legendary “Z” folding chassis has since been adopted in many more electric trolley designs through out the world. The GTS Digital Suspension Trolley, is without doubt a magnificent lightweight, reliable proven machine, that customers always recommend.

Click on DETAILS Link below to view the details page and video(a new updated one is in production)

From this initial design Greenhill has added many unique innovative idea to the range of trolley designs, these include;

Fold under front wheel for extra compactness.

♦ Patented suspension design for smoother ride.

♦ T-Bar handle for ambidextrous usage.

 ♦ Digital speed indicator.

♦ Soft grip handle.

 ♦ Variable Electronic Braking System (VEBS)

 ♦ Integrated Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS)

♦ Limited Slip Differential Gearbox.

 ♦ Mudguards.

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