Topcaddy 48v 56Ah(Roy Pow) LiFePO4 Golf Buggy Lithium Package


Top of the range 48v Lithium battery&Charger Package with 5 year warranty

Suitable for all 2 seater golf buggies. what the market has been asking for….


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Top of the range 48V lithium battery & charger package with 5 year warranty.Suitable for all 2 seater golf buggies. What the market has been waiting for.

This package includes:
Battery, with battery management system (built-in) and state of charge display (external)
Electrical connector (state brand of golf buggy when ordering and if you want the charger on-board or off-board)

The 48V 56Ah lithium buggy battery pack is designed to fit in the battery compartment of a 2 seater golf buggy. Simple modification to wiring may be required. Connection is with the existing connections, but varies slightly according to the model of buggy. Check when ordering and we will supply the correct electrical connectors and mounting brackets.
 The lithium battery is long lasting. It is designed for 10,000 charge/re-charge cycles and comes with a 5 year warranty. It will last longer than the equivalent lead-acid battery, so is cheaper in the long run.

Our golf buggy batteries fit well into the Club Car, EZ Go and Yamaha ranges. They were designed for that.

These are supplied as a separate item.but we are including them in as a package.They can be mounted on-board or off-board.

The lithium LiFePO4 battery weighs just 35kg, a fraction of the equivalent lead-acid batteries. This means that your buggy will perform better, going further and faster.
The lithium battery includes its own battery management system that monitors each cell and keeps them all working together seamlessly.
A full charge only takes 2½ hours, and it can be done at any time. Just top-up when it suits you.
No maintenance. The lithium battery is a sealed unit. There is no maintenance to be performed – ever, no acid spills to wipe away and no corroded terminals to keep clean.

We supply the appropriate electrical connectors for on-board or off-board charging for Club Car, EZ Go and Yamaha buggies. Let us know which one you need when ordering.

We supply the appropriate battery mounting brackets for Club Car, EZ Go and Yamaha buggies. Let us know which one you need when ordering.
This is measured in amp hours (Ah). We have 3 batteries for golf buggies and utility vehicles, 56Ah, 105Ah and 160Ah. The 56Ah battery is the most popular for 2 seater buggies and gives a range of about 25 miles. For the larger batteries, please ask for details.

INSTALLATIONOur lithium golf buggy batteries are designed as a simple drop-in replacement for old lead-acid (wet, gel or AGM) batteries. Installation is simple, but for complete confidence, we suggest you contact your local service centre or service technician (we can suggest some) to make sure everything is done perfectly. They will possibly service your buggy at the same time if you wish.



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