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Patterson Products Highlander



Simply the BEST best single seater ever made.

madeinbritainBold statement but proven over many years.Easily dismantled if required,Uprated versions for the most demanding of courses and available in 3 and 4 wheel format. The Highlander is designed for arduous use and will easily climb the steeper hill.Most customers upgrade to a single 24v Lithium battery as it is so much lighter and functional as well as long lasting.

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Lithium Battery Upgrade

Add your lithium 4 year warranty upgrade to your buggy.


Add your various accessories like brolley holder/basket/arm rest kit/ramps

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Full description & Specs


Like other uk made buggies due to huge demand over the last 2 years and the pandemic delays the current order/build/delivery time on these buggies are 7 weeks just now….However we would like to suggest that as these buggies are built on date order,getting your buggy purchase in system now,at least will be ready for next season starting with we are expecting the same long build times again next year (and ALL golf buggies are going up 1st January)….with the sheer numbers of customers upgrading to a single seater uk made golf buggy…..(not withstanding the problems brexit is causing with shortage of components)

Simply the BEST best single seater ever made…Bold statement but proven over many years.Easily dismantled if required, Updated version for the most demanding of courses and available in 3 and 4 wheel format. The Highlander is designed for arduous use and will easily climb the steeper hill. All these vehicles have been superbly engineered allowing you to assemble and dismantle easily in under two minutes and they will fit into the boot of most family saloons.Also if required the ‘back axle’ can be cut in production to a 30″ as opposed to the standard 32″..in case their are smaller gates or entrances at ones golf club..(just click 30″ on upgrades)

Please note ALL HIGHLANDER Golf buggies are going up at least £200 from MONDAY…(as well as the shipping)


  • 2 x 300w twin pole motors(PM90)
  • Upgraded Gearboxes
  • 2 x 80 amp/hr dry cell batteries
  • Wider rear track 32.5″(can be made to 30″)
  • Dismantles for transportation
  • We suggest to upgrade to a single 24v lithium 47ah Lithium battery for long term use, Lighter to lift,can be left off charge,and above all never need replaceing!(99% of all buggy customers do)
  • 4 Fibreglass Colour options…Black/Blue/Green/Red
  • These buggies hold there re sell on value always.

The Highlander is designed for arduous use and will easily climb the steeper hills or customers who are over 14st.We always like to recommend the correct buggy choice for the correct usage. ie; flat courses and under 14st a TRIO or EVENTER 4 will do the job. and for as mentioned above hilly courses then the HIGHLANDER should be the selection as IF a customer regulaly uses a ‘standard motor&gearbox’ buggy on a very hilly course they will ‘blow’ the motors in time. So it is vital that you select the correct specification.

Please be aware that this buggy is by far the best high powered buggy EVER made.And worth suggesting to all customers, that being UK made hold there ‘sell on value’.

Please note that 90% of all our buggy sales customers upgrade to a 24v single lithium battery,as opposed to the 2 battery 25kgs each battery set,However please note that if any customer plays a very hilly course and is over 15st we strongly suggest a lithium 47ah.(the 32ah will get round but a tighter margin as this buggy has bigger motors……the 32ah is fine for a flat course or customer below 15st etc. any questions please ask.

FLAT COURSES; Trio or Eventer 4

Type and size of Cars this buggy can be ramped into;

Ford Focus-Citroen Picasso-Renault Scenic-Peugeot 308-All Estate Cars-Range Rover-Honda CRV….to name a few.This buggy also will dismantle into virtually all hatchback cars,which some buggies dont do very easily.

It is illegal to reclaim vat on golf buggies anyone doing so and this means customers or distributors is fraud. (click on link below and scroll down and it states ‘golf buggies are not exempt.’


Why Patterson Buggies?….100% hand built to order,they have always held there re sell on value(we always buy back!),35 years of proven reliability,very very functional in so many ways.unlike the chinese types (powerhouse/turbo kaddy/hillman/i4/fairway rider etc etc)….we sell so many new and second hand of these buggies to a cross section of customers usages,and we as a company are very passionate about what we do and how we try to advise the correct choice in the buggy market so customers can make informed choice on there selection.

Please note full specification of this buggy on Feature page.

7 reviews for Patterson Products Highlander

  1. Len

    Thanks Len for coming all that way to demo a s/h buggy.I love the new Patterson i got from you in the end and you are so right by the way going for lithium with it so much easier to transport.Just the thing i had hoped for. Thanks again

    Simon Allen Perth

  2. Len

    Thank Len for all your help and advice. you said they are the best and i needed this spec of buggy and so far i agree!! as you said it has changed my golf and kept me playing. not so tired after a round now and it also went into my car as you said it would..so thanks again.and i love the black it is as you suggested Looks ‘class’.

    S. Evans Swansea

  3. Len

    Just a quick to let you know buggy arrived as you said it would and the higher powered buggy suits my husband more than his previous buggy and he is very happy. thanks Len. my husband has a friend who is looking for same buggy.

    Mrs.Thomas Swansea.

  4. Len

    Sorry it took a while to get back to you Len.i have been away but just used my buggy for first time and i have to say you were right i do need the bigger highlander i wasnt sure but you were right and now i see why as you said you been doing this for 18 years.! so thanks again much appreciate not only the process but the enjoyable way you go about it. Take care

    Harold Varner ipswich

  5. Len

    hi Len,
    Buggy arrived and love the black colour choice, it looks awesome.! Thanks for everything.

    Tony Harold West Sussex.

  6. Caroline Smith

    Bought a Highlander 2nd hand privately, which wasn’t brilliant – Len bought it off me to refurb, great deal. I bought a brand new Highlander in black, with upgrade lithium battery – looks awesome – great advice, service and support from Len. I’m a young golfer who can’t walk the course but needed something reliable and modern looking. Just need to get out on course now!

  7. Len

    Thanks Len
    It’s the best buggy I have had by a long way

    Mr.Lumsden Aberdeen

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