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Patterson Products Eventer 4 (Second Hand)


We Currently have 0 available at this time.Serviced and 12 months warranty on buggy and batteries.These buggies are standard motor&gearbox specification,and have been proven to be the most reliable,functional buggies in 30 years as well as having a re sell on value later unlike chinese buggies.

madeinbritainAlso FREE delivery.( free Shipping Discount code topcaddy5 to order through website)…Scroll down for more information....




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Full description & Specs

Despite the Current Situation in the country we are still shipping all our goods everyday as couriers are still working as normal,and we will ship all purchased items ‘shipping free’

We have 0 Available


Outstanding fibreglass and fully serviced and 1 year warranty,6 Years old.

Brolley Holder and Basket included.(see pix on right of this page)

Most customer’s do upgrade to a single 24v Lithium  which is extra and has a 4 year warranty but in effect helps to hold there own value and the buggy value also.Option on shopping cart…SOLDOUT

0/BLACK BUGGY. …Excellant Condition at the price with standard batteries below but most customers go for lithium, with this buggy.It has the current spec Standard eventer 4 motors and gearboxes.Full serviced and warranted.Same benefits with upgrading to a single 24v lithium package…....SOLD OUT £1395

0/BLUE BUGGY Outstanding fibreglass overall condition.3 years old . Fully serviced as one would expect on a second hand buggy we sell.whatever brand and scratches on fibreglass is only cosmetic anyway, but this buggy is superb…It has the current spec Standard(PM70) eventer 4 motors and gearboxes.and has the ‘new type seat,Fully serviced and warranted.Same benefits with upgrading to a single 24v lithium package…….SOLD OUT

We would like to emphasise that we put warranties on both buggy and batteries….as all our buggies have been serviced.Which ebay and gumtree and any private sale dont!


When any lithium upgrade is added Free shipping is available on buggy with discount code topcaddy5……

We would like to mention that as all patterson products buggies are 100% UK MADE with uk components including the top of the range ‘curtis instruments’ control box as well as the world renown EMD/PARVALUX motor and gearboxes. This specification buggy is a standard spec and is suitable for flat to medium courses. For more specification view this buggy on our new page on our website. These buggies hold their value as well so if at some point in the future a customer needs to re sell they as we say hold the value.(even more with a lithium battery)

We also would like to mention when a buggy is UK made the age of the buggy to a certain extent is not ‘that’ important as the build quality is so good,and this market isnt like the ‘car’ market as they dont always get used that often in the winter as golf clubs take the buggies off the courses. As a company we specialise in this market and get a range of different second hand buggies that can be 8 years old and hardly ever used and some that are 2 years old and used every day! Most of our second hand buggies have usually been purchased from us in the past so we have the history also. The difference between ebay and us is you will not have to put new battery’s or chargers or new parts on!! big difference!

Why Patterson Buggies?….100% hand built to order,they have always held there re sell on value(we always buy back!),30 years of proven reliability,very very functional in so many ways.unlike the chinese types (powerhouse/turbo kaddy/hillman/i4/fairway rider etc etc)….we sell so many new and second hand of these buggies to a cross section of customers usages,and we as a company are very passionate about what we do and how we try to advise the correct choice in the buggy market so customers can make informed choice on there selection.


Please note 90% of all our new and second hand buggy sales,customers upgrade to a single 24v lithium battery,which is so much lighter than the 25kgs each battery on all buggies.

Our available second hand single seater golf buggies are serviced and have batteries&charger.and are 100%UKMADE

Technical Specification;

♦ Motors; 2xPM70 Standard specification.
♦ Width; 71cm 28″
♦ Length; 137cm 49″
♦ Height; 94cm 36″
♦ Turning Circle; 244cm 96″
♦ Weight; 24kgs 50lbs
♦ Largest Section; L;26″ X H 18″ X W 28″
♦ Batteries; 2x 55ah (cyclic)
♦ Speed controller; Fully Proportional Programmable 24v
♦ Tyres; 12″ x 5″ Tubeless Turf tyres.
♦ Suspension; Coil Springs to seat.

Please note that 90% of all our buggy sales these days customers upgrade to a single 24v lithium battery,so they do not have to lift the 2 battery 25kgs each set.

5 reviews for Patterson Products Eventer 4 (Second Hand)

  1. Len

    Thank you for all your excellant advice which proved to be invaluable. as i am a first time buyer i love it keeps me playing and all my friendships at my golf club. perfect.

    Stuart Fleet Cardiff

  2. Len

    Love the buggy so thanks for all the advice and quick delivery. i can now get round 18 holes!! and i must say that i couldnt remember if you said the new 47ah Lithium battery was charged or not? and i forgot to put it on charge…but thank god it had a battery meter to tell me!!…(yes you had charged it for me so Phew!) Thank again.

    Lionel Allen Chepstow.

  3. Len

    Many thanks for taking the time to explain everything and very impressed that you came to hand delivery. love the buggy.Thanks Len.

    Mr.Yates Stoke

  4. Len

    Hi Len,
    Just to say the Buggy arrived yesterday looks in great condition, in fact it looks
    like new,many thanks for the service you gave me,will certainly be recommending you to my chums at the golf course and beyond.

    Mr.R.Elphick Eastbourne

  5. Len

    Morning Len

    Hi Len…Many thanks for all your assistance
    I will be recommending you should anyone require a single buggy

    Mr.Layzell Somerset

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