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Full description & Specs


These are brand new 3 year old trolleys. with a 1 year warranty, just add your lithium battery choice.(5 Year warranty)Once they are gone they are gone.Only real difference between the ‘current model’ and this one is the wheels,and some nuts&bolts&connector.And the price!….The distributor changed factories 3 years ago and these are in our opinion who has sold this product for many years the best version,and as we say the lower price fits more customers price points.

Please note most accessories fit ‘around’ the fitted brolley holder on trolley.

This trolley is the world’s smallest single piece construction electric golf trolley when it’s collapsed. In its expanded form, it extends fully like any other golf trolley. Its design enables it to accommodate a tour bag in its upright position. 


The tiny size is its obvious selling point, measuring a mere 30cm x 27cm x 42cm when folded. The trolley can be easily stored into most golf club personal lockers. Two or more trolleys will easily fit in the boot of a standard size car, together with golf bags. Unlike conventional trolleys there are no parts to be lost or forgotten preventing it from usage with its single piece design. Its compact design doesn’t compromise on quality as it is constructed using only the finest materials, it’s tough enough to handle the toughest terrains on a course and is packed with exciting features such as a whisper-quiet motor, distance control, pace control, wheel tracking adjustment facilities and USB power to support a smart phone or GPS device.

Product Features:

Quality Construction

This trolley is constructed from the finest materials:
Precision machined stainless steel
Aircraft quality aluminium Tubing
Nylon 66
All offer improved durability and performance
Fingertip Controls

Digital display with variable speed control
Set speed can be maintained from rest to reset
3 option distance control
Overload protected in case trolley obstructed on course
USB features to enable support for a GPS or mobile device
Electric Motor

Whisper quiet 180 watt motor
25 to 1 gear reducer – ensures constant speed up hills
Fixed wheel option ensures set speed maintained down inclines


Strong, long lasting Nylon wheels
Traditional flotation rubber tires
Optional winter wheels available – can be changed with no technical support


This Trolley is powered by the smallest and lightest lithium-ion battery of its kind inc Lithium charger.
The standard supplied 18+hole battery is capable of many holes in excess of 18 depending on the type of golf course.
Lasts up to ten times longer than a standard golf battery
75% lighter and 1/3 the size of a standard lead acid golf trolley battery
Fully charges from empty in less than 4 hours
Comprehensive 3 years warranty
Fitted with Battery Management System to optimise performance and life
The Top Caddy battery is rated for around 2000 rounds of golf
A 36 hole battery option is available for the trolley,Which at 18ah is ‘specific’&exclusive 18ah for the  trolley That gives 25% more milage due to the extra voltage built into this ‘special’ battery spec made for this trolley.

Measuring an amazing 27cm x 30cm x 42cm, this is the world’s smallest single piece construction electric golf trolley. Its unique 4 wheel, telescopic design means there is nothing else quite like it.With its special tyres that reduce drag to give the optimal battery performance and the unique and new improved front wheel design and every year this trolley gets upgraded in many subtle ways. and the 2016 version is the best yet!!

Big where it matters, small where it counts.Unlike conventional electric trolleys, when folded, It will fit into most golf club personal lockers and the smallest of cars, but its compact design doesn’t compromise on quality.

Constructed using only the finest materials, including aircraft quality aluminium, it’s tough enough to handle the most demanding of courses and is packed with exciting features such as a whisper-quiet motor and continuous pace control.

 The smaller, smarter golf trolley.



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