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Top Caddy 24v40ah Lithium Battery & Charger Package




Free Lithium Connector&Shipping

New to market for all buggy makes&models options…Never need a replacement!

Proven technology fits all golf buggy battery cradles.

Lithium Battery Connector * 

Chouse your golf buggy brand so we can send you the correct lithium connector to plug into your buggy.

Upgrade to 47/55ah Option

Upgrade option to our ‘flagship’ Market leading battery

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Full description & Specs


Customers please be aware due to ‘Brexit’ and the Russia/Ukraine war as we all are aware living costs and component costs have gone up substantially worldwide and now the time has come frustratingly that all our trade and retail prices will have to increase from….. July 1st…This battery package will from that date be £525

Free Lithium Connector&Shipping

Suitable for all buggy Makes&Model options.

New to market for 2020 a ‘cheaper priced version’ of our huge selling 24v 47ah&55ah Lithium Buggy batteries.

Same technical specs as our other batteries but as ‘some’ customers have been asking us for a battery that suits there needs ie; lower milage and price point and hence here it is at a lower price and it is a 40ah capacity which will do what we say it does and has a battery meter and a 4 year warranty,while our 47ah&55ah has that bigger capacity for some, as we say not all customers need that(very flat courses,under 10st,only playing maybe for another year or 2 etc) so this fits that price point and no customer needs to source any ex demo’s that usually are in this price point.


Worth mentioning that with certain buggies like all ‘chinese 1000 watt’ motor buggies and uk made PM90/300 Watt heavy duty buggies, we would suggest anything  battery ’36ah or less’ wouldnt be the choice, due to the above specs of buggy/motors will drain that capacity of battery and shorten the life span, so beware of this going forward.Even our 40ah while it will do the job and has more ‘juice’ in it compared to the lower ‘ah’ batteries, still upgrade to a 47/55ah for better longevity.

The 18 Hole Lithium Golf Buggy Battery is designed especially to fit within the battery bay of all single seat Golf buggies useing a 24V system. Simple modification to wiring may be required (Supplied).which is very simple to fit.

It weighs in at 7.5kg and measures (W)158mm x (H)200mm x (L)217mm  As there is only one lithium battery required the weight saving when compared to two 80ah lead acid batteries is a massive 45kg or around 9 stone.

Beware of ‘cheaper imitations’…they have what are called ‘one dollar cells’,that are cheaper quality and hence lower performance over time, unlike what we have had for 7 years now as a company ‘top of the range’ lithium cells in all our 24v batteries with the biggest warranty on the market.

The Lithium Battery is supplied fully protected by a sophisticated specially designed battery management system that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the lithium battery is always optimised for best performance and life. Charging is also quicker, a flat battery will charge in around 8hrs and the lithium battery comes supplied with its own lithium charger.

Remember you only need 1 battery. It replaces the 2 standard lead acid batteries on your buggy.this product is now becoming our best selling buggy battery option,as one will never need to buy Heavy batteries batteries again

PLEASE NOTE;…If a customer is over 16-17stone and plays a hilly course,and has a buggy with (PM90’S/300 watt)motors as well as the chinese 1000 watt motors,while this battery is guaranteed to get round we suggest to be ‘safe’ to perhaps considering to upgrade to the slightly bigger milage 47ah or our new 55ah in those circumstances,other wise standard buggy motors(PM70’S/180 watt) Any questions we are here to answer those if any customers are not sure.(click below)


For customers who have to lift the ‘heavy’ 20kgs batteries in and out of garages or homes to charge one of these will save that inconvenience,as well as lasting so much longer.

Please choose your choose you buggy connector for your particular brand of buggy.The Electokart/Powakaddy Discovery buggies (which have a ‘unique’ connection so more expensive cost to us)

Now available; All Customers now who have Patterson/Pennine Buggies can now buy this battery and actually leave on charge on the buggy. Normally all lithium batteries for golf buggies have to be charged on the buggy battery as the chargeing point is on the battery, but this battery can be charged through the buggy also, as well as off the buggy, and with lithium batteries,once re charged can be left off charge for up to 6 months with no issues whatsoever, unlike normal cyclic batteries. and one final benefit, once not required these batteries can be re sold unlike s/h cyclic batteries.

Suitable for;

Patterson Products (all models)-Electokart/Powakaddy Discovery-Pennine-i4-Powerhouse/Hillman-Foxer Buggly-Grasshopper.

We would like to make all customers aware that Golf Buggy and Buggy related items eg; batteries,are NOT eligable for VAT FREE deductions….Customs&excise law states irrispective if golfer is registered disabled or not,It is illegal to sell Golf buggy’s or related product,VAT FREE….(Despite what some customers have been told by other suppliers!!!)

See Disability law below link (part 4.10.2)(scroll down on this link)

3 reviews for Top Caddy 24v40ah Lithium Battery & Charger Package

  1. Len

    Superb advice and door to door attention. Very happy with my purchase and the selection process and i will certainly reccommend your company.


  2. Len

    Thank you for a great service and advice and your attention to my courier details i must say was very helpfull.

    Stuart Adams.

  3. Len

    Your instructions and receipt arrived 10 minutes before I left to go to my buggy. Everything done and buggy sounds and feels as new. All in all, many thanks for your excellent service, wonderful delivery and the clear and concise instructions. A good job well done.
    Many thanks again

    G.Edwards Merseyside.

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