Topcaddy (16ah)18-27 Hole Lithium Battery Package with Battery Meter-Usb-Torberry Charging



Lightweight & small, these long life Lithium batteries are a perfect alternative to all lead-acid units, fitting any electric trolley. This battery will replace all lead-acid batteries on any leading golf trolley using the safest Lithium technology available on the market. At an affordable price.

A 18-27 Hole lithium Package in a steel casing with Battery meter.

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Top Caddy TC1 Lithium Rangefinder

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Full description & Specs


This is possibly the best upgrade to any existing electric trolley and you may never have to buy a battery again as it will last 10 x longer than a standard lead-acid or Gel battery and is the top grade Lithium

New to market a 18-27 Hole lithium 16ah battery&charger package with a USB and a ‘Torberry chargeing connection’and a battery meter to tell the user how much charge is left in the battery,or has it been charged?! but not only that…..this battery package has all the above but in a smaller sized 16ah size caseing! The best lithium on the market?? we think so…….

We have listened to our customers, and there feedback,with what they are looking for, and the best true connection all engineers say is a torberry connection,which this battery has,as opposed to most lithium batteries that have a ‘bayonet’ chargeing system.With a battery meter unique to this product AND a USB port this little ‘Gem of a product’ is what the market has been waiting for, we believe in this product,and we know it performs fantastic…Fitted with a ‘T-Bar’ on the battery as standard and included is also a ‘t-bar-Torberry Connector so will fit all type of trolleys.



12V – 16Ah 18-27 Hole milage with intelligent Lithium charger & Battery Meter/Usb Port/Torberry Charge Connection
►5 Year FULL warranty (battery only)
BMS (Battery Management System) built in as standard for safest lithium available
Capable of providing over 2,000 rounds of golf.
Unique Battery charger, with charge level indication. Only around 4.5 Hours for full charge
Easy carry neoprene bag.
Suitable for 18-27  holes…(will do 36 on certain courses.)

Battery Specification
Construction: Top Grade LifePo4
Voltage: 12V (nominal)
Capacity: 16Ah
Size: 170mm x 80mm x 130mm (the smaller sized casing but with the bigger milage!)
Weight: 2.2Kg



Well…. like our ‘flagship’ 24v 47ah Lithium buggy battery package customers were sometimes wondering if they had charged there battery as Lithium ‘can be’ left off charge for up to 3 months,or …Customers may well want to go out for a few more holes in the summer perhaps, these questions are answered.


Most Trolleys have red/black leads as standard on their trolley inc Motocaddy who with their ‘later’ models have blue/black torberry connectors. We would just like to mention that blue/black and powakaddy’s yellow/black torberry’s are exactly the same as the industry standard red/black as red goes to blue or yellow and black to black when fitted.(these 2 companies changed there colour torberry leads connections to ‘trick’ customers that ‘may think’ they can only buy from them), Which is NOT the case.(Stewart Golf also do this)

OLDER TROLLEYS; Please be aware that certain older well used electric trolleys ‘can’ in certain circumstances take out too many ‘amps’ that ‘can’ drag down any battery let alone a Lithium battery.We would like to make customers aware of this fact as at the very least the bigger milage battery will always give protection for any older well used machine that does do this.There is a issue also worth mentioning that Motocaddy have a issue with there ‘M Series’ trolley range that ‘some’ of there motors on some of these trolleys from day one of launch that do ‘drag down’ any battery(takes out too much juice from the battery)….(motocaddy have recently bought in extra 4,000 motors for this reason)The reason we are highlighting this is to possibly avoid any ‘difficult’ conversations with customers in the future as Lithium batteries outlast so many trolleys due to there virtual 100% reliability the occasional issue has in our industry started to happen so we feel its only right to highlight this possible long term issue.

OTHER RETAILERS FOR 16AH….Lite Power/Motocaddy…£199-Little Miracle...£187-Stealth...£195-American Golf…£195-Powakaddy…£199...

1 review for Topcaddy (16ah)18-27 Hole Lithium Battery Package with Battery Meter-Usb-Torberry Charging

  1. Len

    Thanks Len for the quick delivery of my lithium battery.Looks great and small love it. Great advice thanks again.

    Mr.Simon Wakefield Epsom

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