QOD Digital Compact

The next big thing in golf is also the smallest. Introducing the world’s smallest electric golf trolley.

Measuring an amazing 27cm x 30cm x 42cm, QOD is the world’s smallest single piece construction electric golf trolley. Its unique 4 wheel, telescopic design means there is nothing else quite like it.

Big where it matters, small where it counts. Unlike conventional electric trolleys, when folded, QOD will fit into most golf club personal lockers and the smallest of cars, but its compact design doesn’t compromise on quality.

Constructed using only the finest materials, including aircraft quality aluminium, it’s tough enough to handle the most demanding of courses and is packed with exciting features such as a whisper-quiet motor and continuous pace control. Check out our demonstration page for more details.

QOD. The smaller, smarter golf trolley.

Rated 5.00 out of 5

QOD Digital Compact

QOD Drinks Holder


QOD Digital Compact

QOD Score Card Holder

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