Second Hand Single Seater Golf Buggies

We as a company sell from time to time a assortment of makes and models of Second hand buggies.We in the main get offered UK MADE buggies that have been purchased from us so we have all the history. All buggies are serviced with batteries and include personal delivery for local customers,We also would like to mention our second hand buggies are in the main always UK MADE PATTERSON or GRASSHOPPER buggies,that hold there value and easy re sell on and will last the test of time and use. Not the cheapest but proven to be the best

PLEASE NOTE….Any Customer wishing to SELL there excisting Patterson/Grasshopper Classic buggies WE BUY THEM ALL THE TIME.!! just ask us for prices.

We are passionate about what we as a company do and have a reputation gained over many years with referrals all the time from satisfied customers,and so everything we sell we make sure it is perfect before it leaves us hence warranties,and always try and sell the correct specification requirements…..

Click on the product ‘main‘ box for full information,Specification and descriptions.

95% of all our new and second hand buggies sold customers upgrade to a single 24v Lithium battery&charger package(upgrade).Lighter and last forever!!

We NEVER sell chinese made buggies. like powerhouse.powaglide/turbokaddy.imotion etc.only UK proven ‘hold there value’ buggies.

♦ IMPORTANT;  We strongly suggest customers looking for a second hand golf buggy to email or ring us to discuss all their circumstances, logistics, so we can give all customers the benefit of our 16 year experience in the single seater market. What ever the price point we always want to make sure customers never buy the wrong spec or buggy at all its not in our interests.


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Golf Buggy Ramps

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