Buggy Batteries

The UK’s best selection of single seater batteries available on the market. Sourced from 4 different battery suppliers. We are proud of our history in this field,and we believe cater for all aspects and assorted makes of golf buggy or disability vehicle.

We do not sell leisure batteries only the correct applications for this market. The question customers need to ask is…..FULL GEL or CYCLIC?..or even as 95% of customers do….24V LITHIUM! On average a FULL GEL battery will have 500 charge cycles & CYCLIC 250 charge cycles.and LITHIUM 1,000…..

Delivery is next working day and one year warranty.(3&5 year on LITHIUM)

Over the last 5 years the ‘nature’ of this field ‘Batteries for single seaters’ has changed,While as we mention above we have specialised in this field with an assortment of options,now the growth of a ‘Single 24v Lithium 32ah’ Battery has ‘almost’ replaced every customers normal battery purchases,as while a ‘top grade ‘Full Gel’ battery would on average last 5 years on average. Lithiums last ‘forever’ almost and are only 8kgs max to lift and only one. 2x25kgs batteries to transport is ‘almost’ a thing of the past now.

While we still sell both options please if any customer is not sure about what they need to buy just ask and we will advise with impartiality.

Taking the weight ‘aside’ from Gel or Cyclic batteries compared to Lithium, the normal charge cycles in all three options are.Cyclic 250 usages,Full Gel 500 and Lithium over 1,000……..Scroll down and click on product box you wish to view or buy…..

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Rated 5.00 out of 5
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